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New look. New energy.

Same meaningful mission.

NCTE has always risen to meet the needs of English and Language Arts educators. After months of speaking with our members, one thing has become clear: the educational landscape is changing, the needs of teachers are evolving, and now, perhaps more than ever before, NCTE is primed and positioned to be a leading partner in giving educators a voice.

Our new identity embraces a sense of vibrancy and spirit that matches that of our membership. It reflects the energy you bring to classrooms and the profession. As we turn the page on this exciting, new chapter for NCTE, we're putting real teachers, real stories, and real accomplishments at the forefront of everything we do. Share your story now!

Questions on Timing?

This is just the beginning. Look for a full launch of the new NCTE website and community in early 2017. To learn more, please visit our FAQ or follow along on the Field Notes blog or social media.

Interested in sharing feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Send your thoughts to rebrand@ncte.org.

Join Us in Turning the Page on the Education Conversation: