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The College Section of NCTE supports the exploration of English Studies in a variety of collegiate settings that include higher education institutions and early colleges.  We are educators who teach English, composition, and literacy studies across the disciplines in colleges and universities, especially to undergraduate students.  

2015 NCTE Annual Convention

Registration is now open for this November's NCTE Annual Convention: Responsibility, Creativity, and the Arts of Language. Program Chair and College Section member Doug Hesse calls us to "value not only workers but also citizens, not only students passing tests but also social beings making connections, not only information processors but also idea creators." Doug urges usFrank X. Walker, "At a cultural moment when it’s tempting to make the world defensively smaller," to "advocate the ample arts of language" and "advance literate life at its richest."

We invite you to join us for our yearly College Celebration with keynote speaker Linda Adler-Kassner, College Level Luncheon with keynote speaker Frank X. Walker, sponsored roundtable session on dual credit enrollment, and sponsored panel sessions on science literacy and writing, tribal colleges and universities, and the question: “What Does College Writing Look Like?" with accompanying Listening Tour. (Frank X. Walker photo by Rachel Eliza Griffiths.) Note: The proposal period is now closed.

Save the Date for the 2016 NCTE Annual Convention

Join us in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2016 NCTE Annual Convention, Faces of Advocacy, which will be held from November 17-20, with workshops on November 17 and 20-22.

Meet the Newly Elected Members of the CSSC!

Congratulations to Steven Alvarez (University of Kentucky-Lexington), Shelley Rodrigo (Old Dominion University), and Beth Godbee (Marquette University) for their election to the College Section Steering Committee. Their service will begin on Sunday, November 22, 2015.

Policy Analysis Initiative

Learn more about the NCTE Policy Analysis Initiative, a network of NCTE, CCCC, and TYCA volunteers who are tracking state policy developments impacting English language arts, English studies, literacy, and the humanities. These volunteers, one covering P12 education and one covering higher education in each state, provide other members with analyzed information about state policies.

CCCC Annual Convention

April 6-9, 2016, Houston, TX
Writing Strategies for Action

Program Chair Linda Adler-Kassner writes, "For over five decades, writing researchers and teachers have explored the many things that writing is, the many things that writing does, and the many roles that it plays for individuals and groups. From these efforts, some broad points of consensus have emerged from our research and practices...At the same time, though, debates about what writing is, does, and can do sometimes don’t reflect this knowledge...[For example, t]here are signs that the open access movement that brought diverse students and diverse voices into the academy, a movement that has contributed in important ways to our ethos and identity as a discipline, seems to be moving in reverse...Each of these actions suggest potential consequences for different students and institutions. They point to the need for strategic action. This action requires that we continue to articulate—for ourselves and to and with others—what writing is and does."

Read more from 2016 Program Chair Linda Adler-Kassner, University of California, Santa Barbara. Note: The proposal period is now closed.

New College Level Books

On MultimodalityOn Multimodality: New Media in Composition Studies
Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes argue that composition’s embrace of new media and multimedia often makes those media serve the rhetorical ends of writing and composition, as opposed to exploring the rhetorical capabilities of those media.

CCCC/NCTE Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) series. CCCC 2015 Outstanding Book Award winner.

Students' Right to Their Own Language

Students' Right to Their Own Language: A Critical Sourcebook
This critical sourcebook revisits the complexities of one of the most controversial statements in CCCC history. Perspectives are collected from some of the field's most influential scholars to provide a foundation for understanding the historical and theoretical context informing the affirmation of all students' right to exist in their own languages.

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