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WLU Literacies for All Summer Institute - Previous Revision

2013 Call for Program Proposals

"Authentic Literacy Events and Social Actions: Celebrating Relationships and Partnerships"

July 18-20, 2013 at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 

2013 Proposal Form                  Preconference Proposal Form 

Authentic literacy events drive the many actions in which children and educators engage in order to live the promises of a democratic nation with deep respect for every human being's rights. Sustained authentic literacy events are the substance of what occurs in whole language classrooms; such events cultivate learners who are caring, considerate, responsive, and active within their own lives and the lives of others. Authenticity in learning experiences refers to acts that are real, purposeful, have intention, and occur within relationships. Authentic literacy events may involve a variety of texts, with the idea of 'texts' being interpreted broadly to include: traditional print texts, conversations, digital texts, pieces of music, works of art, dance, images, movies, and other ways of composing and expressing meaning. Authentic learning naturally extends into relationships and partnerships because learning is social. We invite proposals from individuals and members of organizations with commitments to these ideas as part of an effort to bring progressive educators together. The 24th Annual Literacies for All Summer Institute is intended to be a celebration of a wide variety of authentic literacy events, critical learning experiences, strategies, thinking, acting, and doing with an understanding of the social nature of these events.

The Literacies for All Summer Institute is a forum in which progressive educators collaborate and explore the many ways in which we support learners as they inquire, think, engage, investigate, interrogate, and act within and upon their worlds. Since 2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of many historic events within the civil rights movement, the Chicano movement, the peace movement, the women’s rights movement, the workers’ rights movement, and more, the Institute may serve as a place to share ways in which these historic moments continue to be points of origin for thinking and actions in and beyond classrooms.

Teachers serve learners best when they respond to local needs with an understanding of the diverse state, national, and international communities in which classrooms are nested. The Summer Institute will connect the work of teachers and learners in this increasingly complex world. We look forward to sessions focusing on:

  • Inquiry and other paths through which students address their curiosity
  • Engagements in social action
  • Successful partnerships within and beyond the classroom
  • Teaching for diversity
  • Responsive teaching, learning, and assessments
  • Authentic literacy events using a variety of texts
  • Democratic classrooms
  • Early childhood, childhood, adolescence, and post-secondary settings 

We invite reports of research, teaching demonstrations, stories, songs, movies, reports, memoirs, poems, and other creative and scholarly pieces as they demonstrate the infinite imaginations of teachers and learners in whole language settings. We look forward to narratives and expository pieces that share accomplishments and the challenges we have addressed in learning spaces in which dreams soar and relationships are cultivated with a deep sensitivity to the many diversities that constitute our classrooms and research sites. 

The Literacies for All Summer Institute is a peer reviewed conference. 

2013 Summer Institute Call for Proposals
Sue Gallivan
1111 West Kenyon Road
Urbana, IL 61801



Email Proposal Forms


Proposal Submission Deadline: January 31, 2013

Presentation Formats

Workshop (2.5 hours). Organized by a small group of presenters that offer participants an opportunity to engage with a topic. Workshops allow participants to understand theoretical and philosophical considerations, learn about the research foundations upon which the topic is built, and try on specific strategies that they can bring back to their own classrooms. Only a limited number will be accepted. Typically, more than one speaker is involved.

Panel (75 minutes). Enables a group of presenters to discuss a topic in-depth and from multiple perspectives that allow different voices. Note that some may choose to use the panel format as a ‘hosted conversation,’ allowing a group to discuss with a specific person. Such a panel should include the host’s name in the proposal.

Poster/Roundtable (75 minutes). Poster Sessions offer research and teaching ideas mounted on a poster that is displayed for one timeslot in which designers engage participants in conversation about the content of the poster. Roundtable presenters bring a handout that explains a useful and unique classroom strategy, idea, or inquiry that is discussed. These are half hour sessions and speakers may be asked to present twice in given timeslot.

Paper (75 minutes). Paper sessions are an in-depth presentation and discussion of a focal topic/issue. We specifically invite paper session presenters to write a formal paper that will be reviewed for publication in our on-line conference proceedings. It is expected that two to three papers will be presented during this session.

Preconference Workshop (5 hours). The preconference session is a five-hour intensive workshop on Thursday afternoon responding to the WLU goals of teacher support and development, advocacy, and/or political action. Opportunities for participant dialogue and small-group interaction should be provided.  
Preconference Proposal Form


Hofstra Miscue Analysis Conference

The Hofstra Reading Miscue Analysis Conference will be held July 15-17, 2013 in conjunction with the Literacies for All Summer Institute.  For additional information about the Miscue Conference, contact WLU President Elect Debra Goodman.

Professional Development Certificate is available for 20 PD hours for full attendance.
Additional hours may be earned for pre-conference and miscue conference. 


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