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WLU Executive Board - Previous Revision

The Executive Board is responsible for making all on-going operational decisions for WLU and is comprised of a President, President-Elect, Past President, and six elected officers.  

Candidates successful in their bid for the presidency of WLU begin by serving a one-year term as President-Elect, then proceeding to President for a two-year term, and ending with the one-year term of Past President. This organizational formula allows for a gradual shift into the leadership position and ensures that a certain level of expertise is always available at the senior level. Read about the President Activities & Responsibilities.

Executive Board Members
All other Executive Board members serve 3-year terms with two Executive Board members being elected each year. The Executive Board members are elected by mail or electronic ballot, but in order to respect the international nature of WLU, no more than five Executive Board members are from the same country whenever possible. The Executive Board members shall attend meetings of both the Executive Board and the Delegates Assembly as voting members. The immediate Past President shall serve as a nonvoting advisor to the Executive Board. Read about the Executive Board Member Responsibilities & Activities.
---WLU Constitution: Article IV, Section 3


  • Katie Van SluysPresident (2007-2009)
    Katie Van Sluys
    DePaul University
    Chicago, IL
  • Rita MoorePresident Elect (2008-2009) 

    Rita Moore
    Williamette University
    Salem, OR

  • Brian CambourneBrian Cambourne
    University of Wollongong


  • Phil FitzsimmonsPhil Fitzsimmons
    University of Wollongong
  • Tasha Tropp LamanTasha Tropp Laman
    University of South Carolina
    Columbia, SC
  • Prisca MartensPrisca Martens
    Towson University, MD


  • Dorothy SuskindDorothy Suskind
    University of Mary Washington
    Fredericksburg, VA
  • Dennis SzymkowiakDennis Szymkowiak
    Mundelein High School
    Mundelein, IL
  • Talking PointsTalking Points
    Edie Lanphar, Editor

    San Roque School
    Santa Barbara, CA

NCTE Administrative Liaison
Debbie Zagorski

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