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In order to develop and disseminate research relevant to NCTE Executive Committee strategic-planning initiatives, the Research Forum is charged as follows:

  • To continue to participate in presenting a strong research strand at the NCTE Annual Convention by advising the Standing Committee on Research about the scope and substance of research initiatives underway across all Council groups.
  • To advise the NCTE Executive Committee on emerging research findings germane to focal issues identified by the Executive Committee.

2012 Annual Report

Current Members

CHAIR, Anne DiPardo (2012)
(University of Colorado, Boulder)

INCOMING Co-CHAIR, Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (2015)
(Colorado State University, Ft. Collins)

INCOMING Co-CHAIR, Antero Garcia (2015)
(Colorado State University, Ft. Collins)

Stephanie Carter (2012)
Chair, Research Foundation
(Indiana University, Bloomington)

Carol Donovan (2012)
Co-Chair, Assembly on Research
(University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)

Mark Dressman (2013)
Co-Chair, Research in the Teaching of English
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Patricia Dunn (2013)
College Section Steering Committee
(SUNY at Stony Brook)

Anne Ruggles Gere
James R. Squire Office of Policy Research in ELA
(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Christian Goering (2012)
Secondary Section Steering Committee
(University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)

Lori Goodson (2013)
Middle Level Section Steering Committee
(Manhattan, KS)

Valerie Kinloch (2014)
Chair, Standing Committee on Research
Chair, CCCC Research Committee
(Ohio State University, Columbus)

Sarah McCarthey (2013)
Co-Editor, Research in the Teaching of English
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Paul Prior (2013)
Co-Editor, Research in the Teaching of English
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo (2012)
TYCA Representative
(Mesa Community College, AZ)

Lisa Scherff (2012)
Co-Chair, Assembly on Research
(Florida State University, Tallahassee)

Elementary Section Steering Committee


Susi Long (2014)
Chair, Research Foundation
(University of South Carolina, Columbia)

Amy Magnafichi-Lucas (2013)
Secondary Section Representative
Illinois State University, Normal

Detra Price-Dennis (2015)
Elementary Section Representative
(University of Texas, Austin)

Leslie Roberts (2015)
TYCA Representative
(Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills, MI)

Kent Williamson
Executive Director
(National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, IL)

Keith Gilyard
Executive Committee Liaison
(Pennsylvania State University, University Park)

NCTE Administrative Liaison, Linda Walters

Past Members

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