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As the twenty-first Century begins, we see rapid, large scale changes in the electronic media available to the public for everyday use. At the same time creative teachers are enriching instruction by mixing traditional media, such as drawing and construction, with the use of new media forms and instruments.  NCTE has the responsibility to make all teachers aware of these changes and the opportunities they offer for improved instruction.

  • To advise the NCTE Executive Committee regarding issues relating to media and 21st Century Learning that need to be addressed by NCTE policy or through public policy advocacy measures.
  • Through the Executive Director’s office, to advise the staff regarding ways to gather digital images of effective teaching practices involving multi-modal literacies.  These images shall represent a range of practices and a range of educational levels and settings, including a substantial number of high-needs schools.

The goal of this project shall be to:

  1. Help teachers understand the value, possibilities, pedagogies, and constraints of multi-modal literacies.
  2. Support advocacy work with school and system administrators, boards, and other educational policy makers.
  • To develop guidelines for evaluating various types of multi-modal literacy projects.
  • To inform the Long-Range Planning Subcommittee of the Executive Committee regarding possibilities for future expansion of media use to enhance ELA instruction and to identify current and future obstacles to the expanded use of media.
  • To enrich the NCTE Annual Convention program by proposing sessions or demonstrations that will expand members’ knowledge of ways that emerging media can be used to extend and enhance ELA instruction.

Media Literacy Award (Sponsored by the Commission on Media)

2008 Annual Report

Current Members

DIRECTOR, William Kist (2010)
(Kent State University, OH)

Karen Ambrosh (2009)
(W.E.B. DuBois High School, Milwaukee, WI)

Ian David Aronson (2008)
(New York, NY)

Frank W. Baker (2008)
(Media Literacy Clearinghouse, Inc., Columbia, SC)

INCOMING, Richard Beach (2010)
(University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

Mary T. Christel (2008)
(Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

Dolores D'Angelo (2010)
(Magnet Consultants, Bethesda, MD)

Belinha De Abreu (2008)
(Walsh Intermediate School, Branford, CT)

Ryan Goble (2009)
(Banana Kelly High School, Bronx, NY)

INCOMING, Peter Gutierrez (2010)
(Montclair, NJ)

Renee Hobbs (2009)
(Temple University, Philadelphia, PA)

Korina Jocson (2010)
(Stanford University, CA)

INCOMING, Abigail Kennedy (2010)
(Pasco High School, Dade City, FL)

INCOMING, M. Elizabeth Kenney (2010)
(Stevenso High School, Lincolnshire, IL)

Michele Luchs (2008)
(Ministere de I'Education, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Kathleen Monnin (2009)
(University of North Florida, Jacksonville)

Timothy James Murnen (2010)
(Bowling Green State University, OH)

INCOMING, Barbara Pace (2010)
(University of Florida, Gainesville)

INCOMING, Nathan Phillips (2010)
(Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)

Jennifer Powers (2010)
(Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT)

INCOMING, Michael RobbGrieco (2010)
(Temple University, Philadelphia, PA)

Jeff Share (2008)
(University of California, Los Angeles)

INCOMING, Devan Stuart (2010)
(Jacksonville, FL)

Elizabeth Thoman (2010)
(Los Angeles, CA)

Mandy Wardner (2008)
(Bismarck High School, ND)

Executive Committee Liaison, Kathleen Blake Yancey
(Florida State University, Tallahassee)

NCTE Administrative Liaison, Linda Walters 

Past Members

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