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Responsibilities and Activities

The NCTE constitution provides that there shall be two nominees for the post of Vice President on each NCTE ballot.  Nominees for Vice President should be made aware that acceptance implies a four-year commitment, involving the posts of Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Past President.

Responsibilities & Activities:  As a member of the NCTE Presidential Team, the Vice President is in the first year of a four-year succession sequence that requires intensive effort, and can yield enormous professional and personal satisfaction. The Presidential Team helps set the agenda for the NCTE Executive Committee, the chief policy-making body in the Council. As a collaborative contributor to a pluralistic governance process, Presidential Team members are called upon to provide leadership on matters of strategic direction, education policy, and fiscal and administrative oversight.

Time Commitment:  In addition to the meeting time described below, in recent years Presidential Team members have devoted an average of 15–50 hours per month to NCTE leadership duties.

Rotation among Sections:  The Nominating Committee selects candidates for the Vice Presidency from among members of each section (Elementary/ Middle Level/ Secondary/ College) on a rotating basis. The candidates selected for the 2018 election year will be elected from the Middle Level Section; for the 2019 election year, the candidates will be elected from the Secondary Section.

Section Membership:  Almost all decisions of the Nominating Committee involve knowing the Section of the Council the candidates belong to. Teaching level does not necessarily indicate the level of Section membership.  The controlling factor is the Section in which individuals vote, not the level at which they teach.

List of Current and Past EC Members

The Vice President

  • Accepts a four-year commitment -- succeeds to the post of President-Elect, President, Past President.
  • Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.
  • Presidential candidates are expected to solicit financial support, release time, and staff support from their home institution.
  • NCTE will supplement institutional support as needed.
  • Takes office officially at close of Annual Convention in year of election.
  • Attends five Executive Committee meetings annually: 
    • One day and a half meeting in February (Friday-Saturday) Note: Those participating in convention planning remain until Sunday.
    • One 3-day meeting in late April/early May (Thursday-Saturday) 
    • One 4-day meeting in July (Thursday-Sunday) 
    • Two 1-day meetings at NCTE Annual Convention (Wednesday prior to Convention, Sunday during Convention), all expenses paid in full.
  • Upon election, resigns from conflicting Council posts.
  • Upon election, must be willing to join affiliate, if not already an affiliate member.
  • Serves first year getting to know Council, its policies and programs, and the affiliate network.
  • Attends one affiliate leadership meeting in summer (July).  In addition to this meeting during the vice presidential year, the newly elected vice president is also invited to the affiliate leadership meeting that takes place shortly after the election results are announced.
  • May be asked to speak four or five times a year through Cosponsored Speakers program.  Expenses are paid, but no honoraria can be accepted.
  • Serves as liaison between Council commissions and committees and the Executive Committee.


  • Attends Executive Committee meetings as described above.
  • Serves as Convention Program Chair and is a critical member of the Annual Convention Planning Team.
  • Receives funds for limited secretarial assistance if not available through home institution.
  • Is generally protected from requests for speaking appearances, especially during the period of convention planning.


  • Chairs Executive Committee meetings five times a year -- organizing the Executive Committee's agenda.
  • Makes 10 appearances at conferences and conventions, affiliate meetings, or meetings of policy allies/stakeholders.
  • Confers with Executive Director on a variety of issues that concern the Council. Hosts Presidential Team conference calls or online meetings as needed.
  • Prepares a presidential address for Annual Convention.
  • Presides at Annual Business/Board of Directors Meeting at Annual Convention.
  • Receives funds for limited secretarial assistance if not available at home institution.

Past President

  • Makes 5-10 appearances per year at affiliate and other meetings.
  • Attends Executive Committee meetings as described above.
  • Chiefly responsible for monitoring the Council’s fiscal activity and the Fund, and, in cooperation with the Executive Director, advises the entire membership on the state of Council finances.

Note to potential candidates:  The initial deadline for receipt of written confirmation agreeing to be a candidate and return of biographical statement and photo is January 10 of each year.  If confirmation is received by this date candidate names will be included in the announcement to the NCTE membership in the March Council Chronicle and on the NCTE Web site.  If confirmation has not been received by this date, the position will be publicly listed as "to be announced."

January 31 is the final deadline for submission of the final slate for the ballot.  All candidates must have submitted written confirmation by this date.

Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.


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