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TYCA Associate Chair and Secretary - Previous Revision

Responsibilities & Activities

Associate Chair:  Election as Associate Chair begins a four-year leadership term through which you will spend a year as Associate Chair, two years as TYCA Chair, and one year as Immediate Past Chair.


Time Commitment:  During the year as Associate Chair, TYCA governance meetings include a full day at the NCTE Annual Convention and at the CCCC Convention. Further, part of a day at the NCTE Annual Convention will be spent with the College Section Steering Committee, and on conferring with TYCA members about program planning activities. During the convention program review process in January, the Associate Chair may spend up to eight hours online reviewing proposals. The Associate Chair may also make one or two three-day trips to TYCA regional meetings. During the two years as TYCA Chair, you will attend five NCTE governance meetings in addition to the duties described above. These include two days during the NCTE Annual Convention, a four-day meeting in February, a three-day meeting in Washington, D.C., in April/May, and another three-day meeting in Urbana in August. As an NCTE Executive Committee member, roughly 10-20 hours may be required between meetings for study, preparation, and decision making. During your term as immediate past chair, your main time commitment will be the TYCA Executive Committee meetings at the NCTE Annual and CCCC conventions.


Secretary:  The person elected will serve for three years and will prepare the official minutes of all National TYCA Executive Committee meetings.


Time Commitment:  The TYCA Secretary is a member of the TYCA Executive Committee, and will attend two governance meetings a year--at least one full day at the NCTE Annual Convention (November) and the CCCC Convention (March). The Secretary maintains official minutes for TYCA, drafting them, revising, and distributing to NCTE Headquarters office and the TYCA Chair shortly after each governance meeting. Some e-mail correspondence and phone conferencing may also be required. On average, the job should require no more than five hours of volunteer work a month, although the workload peaks immediately before, during, and after governance meetings.


For complete information on the duties of the TYCA Associate Chair and Secretary, please click here.


List of Current TYCA Executive Committee Members

NOTE:  Because of the considerable responsibilities (and potential time conflicts) involved in membership on either the TYCA executive committee or Conference executive committees, you should avoid nominating Conference (CCCC, CEE, CEL, WLU) executive committee members whose terms go beyond the current year. Nor should you nominate anyone currently standing for election to become a Conference executive committee member.  (See also the NCTE Policy on Multiple Roles of Council Leaders.)


Note to potential candidates:  The initial deadline for receipt of written confirmation agreeing to be a candidate and return of biographical statement and photo is January 10 of each year.  If confirmation is received by this date candidate names will be included in the announcement to the NCTE membership in the March Council Chronicle and on the NCTE Web site.  If confirmation has not been received by this date, the position will be publicly listed as "to be announced."


January 31 is the final deadline for submission of the final slate for the ballot.  All candidates must have submitted written confirmation by this date.


Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

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