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The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for vacancies that occur annually on the CEE Executive Committee and selects candidates for the succeeding year's CEE Nominating Committee.  The candidate who receives the largest number of votes in the election will chair the committee.


Time Commitment:  Nominating committee members will typically have a few online conferences or phone calls prior to the Annual Convention, and will meet face to face on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the NCTE Annual Convention. For several weeks after the Convention, phone time may be required to confirm candidate availability and background information.


  • Eight candidates are nominated and five are elected members to the CEE Nominating Committee.
  • Serves one year, taking office September 1, the year elected.
  • The candidate receiving the largest number of votes automatically becomes chair.
  • The nominating process is initiated when the Nominating Committee Chair receives nominations by email or mail (in response to a call placed in numerous Council journals, The Council Chronicle, and the InBox Newsletter).  The chair circulates these names to the other committee members for consideration.
  • The Nominating Committee initiates suggestions for nominations and may submit these suggestions individually by a group consensus.
  • All of the Nominating Committees attend the Annual Convention in November.  They meet on Saturday and Sunday mornings to discuss the names submitted by email or mail, to solicit further nominations, and to generate nominations from within the committee as needed.  The individual dates, designated meeting places, and times will be detailed in a Procedures and Responsibilities memo sent in August.
  • The committee's work is essentially completed in mid-December.  After Convention, the work is finalized by e-mail and/or by telephone conversations.
  • The committee works within standard NCTE policies on multiple roles, representation of people of color, and related matters.  This information is explained in detail in the Procedures and Responsibilities memo.
  • Under Council policy, the committee's convention expenses cannot be paid, but expenses for postage and telephone calls are reimbursed. 

All Nominating Committees:


  • advise the following year's Nominating Committee, upon request, of various aspects of the nominating process.
  • agree not to stand for election to Conferences, Sections, or Nominating Committees during their year on the Nominating Committee.
  • will be ineligible for self-nomination.
  • are sent a comprehensive set of guidelines for their work outlined in the Procedures and Responsibilities memo sent in August.
  • candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

List of Current and Past CEE Nominating Committee Members


Note to potential candidates:  The initial deadline for receipt of written confirmation agreeing to be a candidate and return of biographical statement and photo is January 10 of each year.  If confirmation is received by this date candidate names will be included in the announcement to the NCTE membership in the April English Education and on the NCTE Web site.  If confirmation has not been received by this date, the position will be publicly listed as "to be announced."


January 31 is the final deadline for submission of the final slate for the ballot.  All candidates must have submitted written confirmation by this date.


Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.


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