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Maintaining “high expectations” is now a constant in every education reform proposal.  But what does this really mean? Take the lead in examining what pursuing high expectations means in practice

Join us for this three day event as we cut through the policy jargon to provide solid insights and illustrations into how literacy teaching practices can change in every classroom to transform student learning.

Registration Information

Audience:        Middle and Secondary Educators

Dates:              April 15th, April 20th and May 10th

Cost:                 $250 per connection 
                           (You can bring together your entire school community with one 
                           connection fee and tap experts in the field without the cost  
                           of travel expenses.)
Registration:   Register Online or call Customer Service (877) 369-6283 with your

                            purchase order number to reserve a connection.


Program Information

Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts, suggestions, and information you provided during the nomination and voting process.  While some ideas are being taken up as future events in the 2010-2011 web seminar series, there were topics that we are proud to offer immediately as part of this upcoming virtual conference. As more complete program information comes available we will continue to post the most recent information here.

You can expect to see "tandem sessions" that take us from the research to the classroom with a multitude of student examples to share, breakout sessions, and virtual school and classroom visits. Here are the topics you can expect to see addressed:

  • Incorporating 21st Century Literacies into the Curriculum-Moving Beyond the How To!---April 15th, 10:00-12:00 Eastern
  • Digital Writing Workshop---April 15th, 1:00-2:30 Eastern
  •  Writing to Learn---April 15th, 3:00-4:30 Eastern
  • On Teaching Content:  Building a Schoolwide Culture---April 20th, a.m.

  • Collaborative Learning and Productive Group Work---April 20th, p.m.

  • Implications of and for Assessment-Given 21st Century Student Work---May 10th, 11:00-1:00 Eastern

  • Project Based Learning in the Digital Age---May 10th, 2:00-3:30 Eastern

  • Differentiated Instruction---May 10th, p.m.


While the presenter RSVPs are still coming in, we couldn't couldn't keep the secret any longer. Here are just a few of the well known literacy leaders scheduled so far.

  • Bud Hunt
  • Sara Kajder
  • Debbie Dean
  • Douglas Fisher
  • Troy Hicks
  • Nancy Frey
  • Suzie Boss
  • Maria Grant
  • Jane Krauss
  • William Kist
  • Rick Wormeli

Extended Opportunities

Based on many great ideas submitted earlier, we are offering several activities and resources to extend the conversations and to help you use this conference as a sustained PD experience in your school.  Here are just a few opportunities in the works:

·         Pre and post conference experiences and resources that include full access to some of the best On Demand events on key topics—think of these as introductions to topics that we will drill down into as part of the live events. Post event, you will be able to continue the conversations and ask questions, even if you were unable to attend the live events.

·         Tandem sessions offer an opportunity to hear from thought leaders and classroom teachers implementing these concepts. With these new extended sessions we will start with the research and pedagogy but quickly go into multiple classrooms to view actual examples of curriculum practices and assessments at work.

·         We are creating the hotel lobby experience without the costs of travel! How?  We’ve set up a private space for conference attendees to network in the NCTE Ning. We’ll be inviting all attendees and presenters into this space to continue the conversations throughout the conference. Just because the breakouts have ended, doesn’t mean the conversation need to.

·         Downloadable resources including all the recordings of live events available immediately after the sessions.  With every session recorded you don’t need to worry about shuffling schedules. Revisit the recording as often as you like.

·         It’s one thing to hear about a strategy and it’s another to see examples from real classrooms like your own. We have taken that one step further through virtual school visits. Many of the ideas being shared in this conference offer opportunities for whole school efforts.  So what does that look like and how do you get started? As part of this conference, we’re committed to demonstrating practical examples. You will hear firsthand what works and what doesn’t from administrators, faculty, and students.

Registration  for the virtual conference is per connection. Therefore, a $250 registration can provide access for an entire school initiative simply by reserving the appropriate space and the use of an LCD projector or other forms of technology. 


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