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"Thanks so much!  This conference was amazing, and we can't wait to get the book." 
--Teacher from Alpine School District and participant in the K-12 Virtual Conference

Thank you for participating in the live events! 
Virtual Conference Recordings Now Available

Choose the appropriate conference (each conference includes four sessions):

Grades K-12

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12


"This series reminds teachers how to maintain the integrity of innovative and student-centered classrooms...(it) shows that the national standards and a national curriculum are not the same."
--Sarah Brown Wessling, 2010 Teacher of the Year and Conference Presenter

With these grade-level conferences, NCTE wants to help teachers:

  • Collaborate in planning
  • Reflect on strategies
  • Make curriculum choices
  • Keep decision-making local

in a time of core standards.

Session 1: Keynote Delivered by Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling

Intellectual Risk in the Classroom

Sarah challenges teachers to take the intellectual risk in the classroom to maintain our best practices in light of common core standards 

"We really liked it a lot...she was so upbeat about a subject that can raise great defensiveness and ire. Her stories were great and she was really personable. The teachers who were with me really enjoyed it!"

Interpreting the Standards: Maintaining the Integrity of the Classroom in Times of Transformation

Once again, NCTE is situating itself as an integral voice when teachers need it most, as they go about the tough work of interpreting and implementing the Common Core State Standards. Unlike some materials that offer explicit units of study, this series reminds teachers how to maintain the integrity of innovative and student-centered classrooms.  While any standards movement can default to sameness, this series shows that the national standards and a national curriculum are not the same. The teachers featured here demonstrate that the most effective curriculum is the one created by individual teachers focused on the learning needs of their students. Join us as we explore how both innovative and reliable teaching remains the most crucial to any classroom.

Learn more about the presenters:  Anne Ruggles Gere; Susi Long; Tonya Perry; Sarah Brown Wessling; Jeff Williams 


Grades K-2 Conference Highlights

Grades K-2In Session 2, Susi Long puts the standards in perspective, with a focus on the students.  View this excerpt (all excerpts are in low resolution to keep file size small) from the second session:

Click here to learn more about and purchase the Grades K-2 Virtual Conference Recordings


Grades 3-5 Conference Highlights

Grades 3-5In the final session focused on planning strategies, presenter Jeffrey Williams explains some methods of grouping the standards.

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Grades 6-8 Conference Highlights

Grades 6-8Classroom teachers Mary James and Claire Harden take you inside their classrooms where they discuss how texts become conversations.  Although in very different school settings, both teach The Outsiders.

Click here to learn more and purchase the Grades 6-8 Virtual Conference Recordings

Grades 9-12 Conference Highlights

Grades 9-12In this excerpt from Session 4, Sarah Brown Wessling, reminds us how common standards do not require common pathways to learning.

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Grades K-12 Conference

Grades K-12 PackageThe K-12 Virtual Conference Package includes all four, grade-level conferences above for a reduced price.

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Common Core State Standards Book Series

  • The series consists of four  books:  K-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12.
  • Each book includes authentic, useful advice from an author who teaches or is closely connected with classrooms daily.
  • Each volume features vignettes and illustrations of principles that apply to a range of grade/developmental levels.
  • Volumes will ship when they become available in October 2011.


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