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Shared Responsibility

Literacy as a Shared Responsibility - Previous Revision

Whether you are a classroom teacher or responsible for leading professional learning, we make it easy and affordable to learn from and with the thousands of educators that call NCTE home.

Books & Journals

Reading for Learning: Using Discipline-Based Texts to Build Content Knowledge by Heather Lattimer (grades 5-10)

Math is Language Too: Talking and Writing in the Mathematics Classroom (grades 3-6)
Learning to Read the Numbers: Integrating Critical Literacy and Critical Numeracy in K-8 Classrooms (grades K-8)

Voices from the Middle – Explore the Web-only content of recent issues for the "Common Core Connections" section (

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Online Learning

Self-Paced Investigation:  Building Academic Language to Deepen Comprehension and Learning (Grades 6-12)

Content Reading for Content Learning (5-12)

All Teachers are Not Teachers of Reading, but . . .   (6-12)

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Research & Position Statements

NCTE Statements

Formative Assessment that Truly Informs Instruction

NCTE Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment

Framing Statements on Assessment

NCTE Position Statement on Machine Scoring



Literacy in Learning ExchangeA Resource…A Collaboration…A Coalition…A Movement to Transform Literacy Education in America.  Visit to find collaborative tools, resources, and stories of groups engaged in professional learning around topics related to building capacity!

Portraits of Change




Standards-based lesson plans and strategies to enrich your repertoire!  Visit

Tracking and Supporting Student Learning with Kidwatching Strategy Guide
In this strategy guide, you’ll learn how to use kidwatching to track and support student learning. Teachers observe and take notes on students’ understanding of skills and concepts and then use the observations to determine effective strategies for future instruction.

Involving Students and Families in Ongoing Reflection and Assessment Lesson Plan
Students begin by writing a sentence or two each week and progress to daily reflections and records of their school activity. Families respond to these student reflections, which become the basis for discussion among family, teacher, and students.

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Onsite Consulting Services

Sometimes access to high quality resources isn’t enough.  NCTE offers onsite consulting services on a range of topics associate with decision-making about Common Core Standards and capacity building. 

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Document and Site Resources

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