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The Secondary Section Steering Committee shares lessons for teachers to use in whole or in part. This series allows each Steering Committee member to engage with teachers in the Secondary Section. Shared in Connected Community's Teaching and Learning Forum, each lesson offers resources, instructional strategies, and immersive activities that facilitate research and critical thinking. To view Engage NOW! contributions, member login is required.

Feb. 2013 Jocelyn A. ChadwickHeroes: Then and Now, employing informational and literary texts and multimedia
Mar. 2013Anna RoseboroPoetry--Characters and Setting, a 2-week unit that includes creative writing and reflection
Apr. 2013Steve HellerResearch Paper Assignment, second semester project (11 grade)
May 2013Amy Magnafichi LucasEconomy of language in composition, with a focus on Hamlet (12 grade)
Jun. 2013Janis Mottern-HighAn analytical / creative assignment to use with the novel Jane Eyre, with a focus on setting's impact on character development
Jul. 2013Katie GreenePersonal logo design project as a means of student self-introduction
Aug. 2013Tara SealeCreating satire to understanding satire (11 grade)
Sep. 2013Kim ParkerCounter-argument as a means of helping students craft effective arguments (9-10 grades)
Oct. 2013Larry ButtiFrom Canvas to Text, a 2-lesson visual literacy arc in which students analyze Rockwell paintings and then take a field trip to a museum, actually or virtually
Feb. 2014Steve HellerStudent research symposium, in which students present their research on contemporary issues (11 grade)
Mar. 2014Courtney MorganThe Aesthetics of Race, in which students read about and then write an argument on racial aesthetics
Apr. 2014Anna RoseboroPoetry Out Loud and In Groups, thematic group readings of poetry as a summative assessment performance
May 2014Katie GreeneShadow Poetry, in which students write poems in five different forms
Jun. 2014Janis Mottern-HighShakespeare Sonnet Symposium, in which students present an analysis of a sonnet (5-class assignment arc; 12 grade)
Jul. 2014Tara SealeWhat do we get from war? Creating an effective argument (11 grade)
Aug. 2014Katie GreeneBig Book Assignment, in which students read and respond to a 200+ pg. book of their own choosing within their lexile range
Oct. 2014Larry ButtiThe College Essay, in which seniors write an application essay (12 grade)
Mar. 2015Jordan KohanimReview of tone words, definition of theme, and passive vs. active voice (9-12 grade)
Apr. 2015Rebecca BrittenA Song Analysis Project that connects song lyrics with contemporary social values / qualities / ideas, based on an American lit. lesson on the Great Depression that demonstrated similar connections (11-12 grade)
Jun. 2015Janis Mottern-HighFinal Course Project, in which 12th grade AP students are given an opportunity after AP exams to reflect "on the works and authors that have touched them the most": analytical and creative
Jul. 2015Courtney Morgan Literary Analysis Reading Group lesson (10-12 grade)
Sep. 2015Katie Greene Using Visuals to Promote Understanding through creating the "body biography" of a character with colors, graphics, and designs
Oct. 2015 Larry ButtiThis Student Book Talks lesson (9-12 grade) cultivates the practice of independent reading in students


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