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Our Mission:

The Secondary Section  enhances the professional lives of secondary English language arts educators and the quality of education of their students by providing multiple forums for significant dialogue on historical, current, and emerging topics of interest to secondary English language arts



HIGH SCHOOL MATTERS: Teacher Spotlight

 Ike Thompson is the recipient of the Georgia Council of Teachers of English Teacher of Excellence award in 2011. Ike received the award due to his use of literature circles in the classroom and his personal teaching strategies. Mr. Thompson has a B.A. in English from Western Michigan University and an M.A. from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA.


"...I have come to realize good teachers are sponges. Recognize your need for growth and grab anything and everything you can from those around you. I tweak nearly everything I take from anybody else to fit my style, but, I must admit, I rarely come up with an innovative lesson all on my own. If you can’t or are unwilling to collaborate and sponge up what you can, there will be little opportunity for growth and betterment of yourself as an English teacher."

See the full interview here.

            Nominate a teacher for the High School Matters Spotlight.



The Secondary Section Steering Committee is committing to sharing each month a lesson for teachers to use in whole or in part. This series, called ENGAGE NOW! allows each member of the Secondary Committee to share and engage with teachers in the secondary section. You can use these lessons as, "a transaction between our students and the worlds of the past and present as represented through a myriad of texts and genres" (Morrell). Each lesson will contain resources, instructional strategies, immersive activities facilitating research and critical thinking.


ENGAGE NOW! is available in the Connected Community for members.



Other news from the Secondary Section

The May 2012 issue of English Journal features two pieces from the Secondary Section. Be sure to take a moment to read Kay Haas's (Secondary Section Steering Committee Chair) article discussion of the importance of mentoring, Mentoring New Teachers by Empowering the “Peeps”

Also be sure to look at Secondary Section Steering Committee member Jocelyn Chadwick's piece on moving beyond the five-paragraph essay Green Pens, Marginal Notes: Rethinking Writing and Student Engagement

Opportunities for Teachers

Clips from the Web

John Green's "An Open Letter to Students Returning to School"
The author of Looking for Alaska gives a fast paced, humorous video letter to students returning to school. Take a look and share it with your classes. - tools for online reading

This is online program is designed to assess your reading speed and comprehension level. It contains quizzes that will assist the user in determining his or her reading speed. In addition it works as a bookmark applet, meaning it will install a link in your browser's book mark bar. If you click on that link when viewing a web page, words that are being read are highlighted, while words that have already been read fade. There are a few glitches here, but it is a free web application.

Featured in USA Today's "6 Tech Tools to Bring Out the A Student in You." 

WBEZ's Front and Center Series on Literacy in the Great Lakes

This in-depth series began in late May, and has run through early summer. It examines all facets of low literacy concerns in the Great Lakes region -- GED, to Civic Participation, to Digital Literacy.


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