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Promising Researcher Award Recipient

2015 Promising Researcher Award Winner

The Promising Researcher Award selection committee congratulates Logan Manning for being selected as this year's Promising Researcher Award recipient. Submitted manuscripts were evaluated based on their statements of research problems, reviews of relevant literature, methodology and data analysis, grounding of evidence, significance of results, and clarity and style.

The selection committee has recognized Dr. Manning for introducing her notion of “social poetics,” which accounts for the “social, economic, developmental, emotional and educational” forces that mediate youths' production of art, communication and “ways of being” in schooling contexts. Through a social poetics analysis, we meet youth whose voices would be marginalized otherwise. Portraits of Jaleeyah, Lachelle, and Ruby (amongst the voices of other youth) that Manning weaves together demonstrate the importance of poetry in the lives of non-dominant youth who have experienced trauma in their lives. Manning powerfully describes the “social work” of poetry as the memories and experiences of the poetry course described in this manuscript provide both vertical and horizontal forms of learning in educational settings that are often otherwise fixated on narrow and reductive forms of remediation.

One committee member stated, “it’s critical to hear from youth who were deemed unsuccessful in school…Manning shares their memories and experiences with poetry cautiously and responsibly.” Another stated, “In my opinion, this was by far the strongest paper of the 2015 submissions. This author’s work is timely, relevant, and of critical importance to the field. I would love to see this published in Research in the Teaching of English!” 

This year’s committee had the difficult task of selecting only one recipient. Dr. Manning’s manuscript stood out from a very excellent pool of researchers whose work promises to add to the field of literacy research in the coming years. Serving on the selection committee this year were Danny Martinez (Chair), Keisha L. Green, Robert Petrone, and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas.


Logan Manning, "Rewriting Struggles as Strength: Young Adult Reflections on the Significance of Their High School Poetry Community"

Logan Manning is an assistant professor of literacy education in the department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching at the University of Texas San Antonio. Dr. Manning taught high school English for eleven years, mostly at alternative high schools in Oakland, CA. Dr. Manning received her Ph.D. in Education (Language, Literacy, and Culture) from the University of California at Berkeley in 2014. Her research examines the ways that youth who have experienced urban traumas including but not limited to school failures use poetry-writing practices in their post-high school lives to fulfill needs that were unmet and to rewrite limiting scripts offer to them in traditional school environments. Working at the intersections of secondary literacy (particularly writing), whiteness studies, and critical pedagogy, Dr. Manning explores the role of literacies in disrupting the tendencies of schools to reproduce oppressive hierarchies and in creating spaces for youth and educators to imagine new ways of being in high school classrooms and beyond. Dr. Manning is currently working on a youth participatory action research project at an alternative high school in order to explore the ways youth forge spaces in schools to study issues that matter to them and how these in-school engagements may or may not nurture a sense of activism in adolescents who come from historically minoritized communities.


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Honorable Mention: Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Wayne State University, Detroit, "Sustaining Culturally Responsive Discourse in Black and White: Negotiating Social Solidarities Through English Teacher Talk."

Jennifer Buehler, St. Louis University, "'We Have a Culture of Failure Here": Analyzing the Production of School Culture in an Urban High School."

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Steve Amendum, North Carolina University, Raleigh, "Federally-Funded Reading Intervention and Reading Growth: Which Features Matter in High Poverty Schools?"

Elizabeth Dutro, University of Colorado, Boulder, "What 'Hard Times' Means: Mandated Curricula, Middle-Class Assumptions, and the Lives of Poor Children."

Amy Suzanne Johnson, University of south Carolina, Columbia, "Literate Practice as Answerable Response: Sally Harris' Mandate for Literacy in the Rural South."

Leah Zuidema, Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, "Give 'Em Some Space: Online Induction Networks for Beginning Teachers."

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