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The English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Award

Rules and Guidelines


1. The name of the award shall be The English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Award, named after the author of the lead article in the first issue of the English Journal, a former professor of rhetoric and English language at the University of Kansas, member of the first Board of Directors of NCTE, and co-author of the first NCTE constitution.

2. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding English Journal articles written by someone who does not qualify for the English Journal Paul and Kate Farmer Award.

3. The award shall be given bi-annually (every even year). Up to two honorable mentions will also be named. The editor of English Journal shall draw up the annual list of eligible authors and shall be the arbiter of eligibility.

4. The award shall cover issues published between September and July of two consecutive volume years.

5. The editorial panel shall consist of a chair nominated by the editor of the English Journal and three to five readers nominated by the members of the Secondary Section Steering Committee. The committee shall be nominated for a two-year term.

6. In February of second year, or as soon as the editor determines which articles will be published in the final issue of the volume year, the editor or chair shall send each reader a list of authors eligible for the award, along with guidelines for selection.

7. After reviewing the articles, each reader shall nominate six articles. The readers will rank these articles from highest preference to lowest preference and then forward their nominations to the chair by the first of September.

8. The chair shall tabulate the nominations and consider, but not be mathematically bound to, the rank ordering of the articles. That is, the chair should carefully consider the recommendations and rankings of the readers but is to use his or her own judgment in determining award winners. The chair shall choose one winner and up to two honorable mentions.

9. In addition to the honor of receiving the award, each winner shall received (1) a plaque, (2) a complimentary registration for the convention and (3) a ticket to the Secondary Section Luncheon. HONORABLE MENTIONS shall receive (1) a certificate of accomplishment, (2) a complimentary registration for the convention, and (3) a ticket to the Secondary Section Luncheon. The editor shall send letters of announcement and congratulations to the winners, and letters will be sent to the various winners' supervisors. The NCTE relations department will also be asked to notify appropriate newspapers and education journals.

10. The award shall be announced by the Chair of the award committee and presented by the editor at the Secondary Section Luncheon during the annual fall convention, or be presented at another time agreeable to the various parties involved.

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