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High School Teachers of Excellence Award

The Secondary Section of NCTE wishes to recognize and celebrate high school classroom teachers.  All state, provincial, regional, and local affiliates can participate in nominating a high school teacher for this award.  Each affiliate will annually determine one person within that affiliate to receive this award.

2013 Award Winners Announced


Paul and Katie Farmer Award

English JournalThe Paul and Kate Farmer English Journal Writing Award is given annually to the authors of two articles written by teachers and published in English Journal during the previous volume year.  Book reviewers will not be eligible for consideration, but articles written for specific English Journal columns may be considered.  Eligible entrants must be high school teachers and may include those on leave or not currently teaching.

2013 Award Winners Announced


Edwin M. Hopkins Award

English JournalThe English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Award is named after the author of the lead article in the first issue of the English Journal, a former professor of rhetoric and English language at the University of Kansas, member of the first Board of Directors of NCTE, and co-author of the first NCTE constitution.

The Edwin M. Hopkins Award recognizes outstanding English Journal articles written by someone who does not qualify for the English Journal Paul and Kate Farmer Award. This award is given bi-annually (every other year). 


Edwyna Wheaton Postgraduate Scholarship Fund

Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship funds will provide funding for professional development experiences for English/Language Arts teachers in public educational institutions.  The purpose of the scholarship is to support postgraduate training to enhance teaching skills and/or career development in teaching.


Promising Researcher Award

Established in 1970 and given by the NCTE Standing Committee on Research, the Promising Researcher Award competition is open to individuals who have completed dissertations, theses, or initial, independent studies after the dissertations between December 1, 2010 and January 31, 2013.

Read about the 2013 Award Winner.


Achievement Award in Writing

Achievement Awards in Writing is a school-based writing program established in 1957 to encourage high school students in their writing and to publicly recognize some of the best student writers in the nation. Only students who are juniors in the current academic year may be nominated for awards.


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