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Board of Trustees of the Research Foundation (revised June, 2013)
              Guidance for the NCTE Nominating Committee

In developing the slate of nominees for the Trustees of the Research Foundation please find guidance in the criteria and responsibilities listed below. It is important that the Trustees reflect the knowledge, dispositions, and commitment necessary to fully support each aspect of the foundation’s work. We welcome university researchers as well as classroom teachers.

To ensure strong racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity on the Board of Trustees, the Research Foundation requests that, each year prior to creating the slate of nominees, the Chair of NCTE's Nominating Committee contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Research Foundation for the demographics of the current Board. If at least half of the Board of Trustees are not members of racially, ethnically, and/or linguistically marginalized groups, the Nominating Committee is requested to create a slate on which all nominees represent such groups. This is requested in support of NCTE's  “Policies to Promote Diversity and Inclusion Within the Council” ( including NCTE’s “Election Policy on Involvement of Persons of Color” which advises the Nominating Committee to run at least four slates of persons of color in each 12-year cycle.

Criteria for Selecting Nominees for Trustees of the Research Foundation:
• Deep knowledge of research in language, literacy, and cultural studies
• Ability, energy, imagination, wisdom
• Commitment to the Council’s focus on developing a more diverse membership and leadership
• Commitment to equity methodologies (in research and pedagogy) in support of teachers, students, and families marginalized due to race, ethnicity, language, social class, sexual orientation, faith, and other sociocultural biases.
• Willingness to devote time to the Research Foundation
• Ability to work with others in group situations

Responsibilities of Trustees of the Research Foundation:
• Serve three years, taking office at close of Annual Convention in year of election.
• Attend two meetings of the Trustees each year: in the spring and at the Annual Convention in the fall. For each Trustee, the RF will (a) provide $1000 annually to help defray the cost of hotel, meals, and travel for NCTE’s Annual Convention, and (b) cover costs for the Spring RF meeting to include hotel, meals, and reimbursement for travel (flight or train travel or mileage reimbursement and airport-hotel transportation).
• Support the Foundation’s Cultivating New Voices of Scholars of Color program*
• Review and rate research grant proposals and make decisions about awarding funding**
• Administer the resources of the Foundation in ways that promote more equitable educational environments for students and teachers

Additional Considerations:
• NCTE Executive Committee (EC) members are constitutionally ineligible to be Trustees. If elected to the EC while serving on the Research Foundation, Trustees must resign from the Board of Trustees.
• Persons receiving grant funds from the Research Foundation are not eligible to run for a Trustee position until the funding is completed.
• Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

*The Research Foundation’s Cultivating New Voices of Scholars of Color (CNV) Program:
The NCTE Research Foundation’s Cultivating New Voices program provides mentoring for doctoral candidates and early career scholars of color to cultivate abilities to draw from their own cultural and linguistic perspectives as they conduct critically conscious research. The program provides socialization into the research community through interaction with established scholars whose own work is enriched by engagement with new ideas. CNV supports the professional, intellectual, and activist activities of young scholars of color by pairing them with senior scholars to participate in a supportive cohort that brings together fellows, mentors, and invited presenters.

**The Research Foundation’s Grants Program: The Research Foundation provides small grants for NCTE members to explore questions related to teaching language, literacy, and culture. The Trustees invite proposals that reflect the diverse interests and membership of NCTE, encouraging proposals focusing on underrepresented populations, curriculum changes and the effect the changes have on students, school policies, changes in teaching methods, student interaction and learning, community literacy, home-school literacy relationships, after-school programs, student literacy practices in and out of school, and other relevant topics of study.

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