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CNV Cohort 2011 Spring Presentations

Washington University, St. Louis, MissouriMeeting was held at 
Washington University,
St. Louis, Missouri



Melody Patterson Zoch

Melody Zoch"Literacy Teaching Practices and Teachers' Response to Reform: An Ethnographic Study of an Urban Elementary School in Times of Change"
This is an ethnographic study about the literacy teaching practices of teachers in an urban elementary school that primarily serves Latino students in a low-income neighborhood. I seek to understand what happens in the way of teaching literacy on a daily basis, as well as the ways teachers talk about reading and writing, and the sources of influence on their practices of teaching. Another goal of this study is to understand the ways the staff members in the school respond to or are affected by the pressures for accountability and raising of standards presented by the state and school district policies.


Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez"Shared Languages and Untapped Resources: An Ethnography of Black and Latinaio Language and Literacy Practices in Urban High School English Classes"
Historically, schools have failed to recognize the language and literacy practices of non-dominant social groups as a resource for learning. Sociocultural researchers, however, have positioned the diverse language and literacy resources that non-dominant students bring to school as a powerful resource for learning. This study seeks to understand the shared language and literacy practices of Black and Latinalo youth at Willow High Schools, the socializing events that lead to these shared language and literacy practices, and how socialization leads to an expansion of their linguistic repertoires. This study will also attend to classroom practices that either support or hinder the expansion of students' linguistic repertoires. Using methods inspired by the ethnography of communication tradition, this yearlong study will take place in several English classes at Willow High School, an urban comprehensive high school in Los Angeles.


Maneka Deanna Brooks

Maneka Brooks"I Speak English!" Reading, Writing, and Long-Term English Learners 
Existing research characterizes long-term English learners (LTELs) as orally bilingual with limited literacy and academic language abilities. The absence of LTEL literacy research is problematic because the "unsuccessful" characteristics identified by previous research as evidence of "limited English proficiency" are not unique to ELs. My dissertation will use multiple qualitative methods to investigate the relationship between eight tenth-grade Latino LTELs' English proficiency and their reading and writing products.


Margarita Zisselsberger

Margarita Zisselsberger"The Writing Development of Procedural and Persuasive Genres: A Multiple Case Study of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Fifth Grade Students" 
This study examines the writing development of five culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students to develop writing pedagogy that not only supports, but also privileges CLD students' voices, The guiding questions included: 1) What was the context within  which CLD children develop persuasive/exposition writing? 2) What was the process by which CLD students develop specific characteristics of procedural and persuasive/exposition writing in relation to their instruction in these genres? A multiple case-study design (Hancock & Algozzine, 2006; Merriam, 1998) was used and included classroom observations, videotaped examples of the nexus between classroom instruction and student writing, collection of students' writing samples, formal and informal student interviews, informal teacher interviews, and reflective memos.



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