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Introducing the National Center for Literacy Education - Previous Revision


New Center Recognizes Educators as the Drivers of Change
Supporting School Change Where It Counts— in the Schools

The new National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE) brings together leading education associations, policy organizations, and foundations to support powerful learning about literacy in every discipline. NCLE provides a structure for educator teams and schools engaged in innovative practices to share and learn from one another through exchanges centered on development of locally viable plans for inspiring student achievement. 

NCLE Stakeholders Tell Why NCLE Is Important


“The ability to solve problems, reason, and collaborate effectively requires students to draw from a repertoire of math and literacy concepts. By working across disciplines to support integrated learning among students and educators, we can build a foundation for sustained school improvement.”

-- Kichoon Yang, Executive Director, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

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NCLE Director Kent Williamson notes, “Schools that sustain progress in literacy learning pay attention to the little things and the big things. They create organizational conditions that promote communication about student learning across disciplines and outside of classroom walls. They expect their faculty to deepen their knowledge not only about content, but about how kids learn, and they give them the flexibility to act on their findings. NCLE brings together the leading professional groups for educators to provide insights about how these schools and faculty work and to connect them with every school that aspires to fully prepare the next generation of readers, writers, and thinkers.”

Through the free Literacy in Learning Exchange website NCLE will provide cases and vignettes from schools engaged in innovative practices; it will also provide expert commentary, research, and insights about how those practices can be adapted in varied local contexts. 

Schools or school systems that embrace the challenge of sponsoring and supporting a community of practice will be eligible to apply for recognition and support as Literacy in Every Classroom Sites. NCLE will then draw from the data and practices shared by these sites and sponsor collaborative research projects with findings shared across school teams and with policy leaders at all levels. Feedback will be provided to school teams who seek information or advice about their work. And NCLE stakeholder organizations will make available what we learn from participating schools through peer-reviewed publications, seminars, and colloquies.

A project of the National Council of Teachers of English and the Ball Foundation in alliance with over 20 stakeholder groups representing educators and school/community leaders, NCLE is a project to celebrate the work of successful school teams across the country that are achieving remarkable results in advancing literacy learning. 


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