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Summary of NCTE Policies to Promote Diversity and Inclusion within the Council

It is the policy of the National Council of Teachers of English that it demonstrate sensitivity to the concerns of people of color and they be represented on all Council-sponsored programs, and that a similar policy be urged on affiliated organizations (conferences, assemblies, and affiliates). People of color refers to historically underrepresented groups--African Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Latinos. To this end, the following actions are to be undertaken:

  • to include people of color on all appointed commissions, boards, committees, task forces, and other official groups; 
  • to include people of color among the leadership of the above groups; 
  • to include people of color among the nominees presented by each nominating committee; 
  • to include in NCTE conventions and workshops sessions dealing with interests of people of color and using as leaders or consultants practicing teachers of color from the levels of instruction concerned;
  • to include people of color in verbal and visual materials intended to represent or describe NCTE; 
  • to include people of color as targeted groups in any recruiting efforts;
  • to ensure the regular election of persons of color to the NCTE Vice Presidency, the NCTE Nominating Committee is strongly recommended to run at least four slates of all persons of color in each twelve-year cycle.

The intent of this policy should not be construed to extend to every subcommittee within a commission, board, committee, task force, or other official group.

To facilitate implementation of the election policy, NCTE staff makes available a database of members, including people of color,  who have expressed interest in elected roles, to members of each NCTE Nominating Committee for the selection of candidates for offices.


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