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Statement on Class Size and Teacher Workload: Elementary

Revised by the NCTE Elementary Section, 1996

  1. The elementary classroom teacher should not be responsible for more than 25 pupils per class, and in grades K-1 no more than 20 pupils per class.
  2. One class period or a minimum of 30 minutes should be provided within each school day for each elementary school teacher's planning time.
  3. A half day a month should be set aside for each elementary school teacher for long-range planning.
  4. Participation in continuous professional development programs should be considered a part of teachers' workloads and should involve a minimum of three days released time.
  5. Participation in professional meetings and activities at local, state, and national levels should be encouraged and financially supported.
  6. The use of additional human resources in the classroom should not justify increased pupil-teacher ratio.
  7. A library media center with proper staff and adequate, varied resources should be provided in every elementary school. It is recommended that each media center have a minimum of 25 books per student and that individual classrooms contain adequate resource materials and book collections.
  8. Clerical services should be available to teachers on an assigned basis to attend to non instructional tasks such as the collection of money for special events, attendance records, fund raising, and recess and lunch duty. A teacher's primary responsibility should be instruction.
  9. Computers, modems, and a phone line should be available in each classroom.

This position statement may be printed, copied, and disseminated without permission from NCTE.

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