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NCTE Position Statements on Intellectual Freedom and Censorship


Statement on Classroom Libraries 
NCTE Guideline

NCTE Position Statement on Academic Freedom 
NCTE Position Statement 

The Students' Right to Read
NCTE Guideline

NCTE Beliefs about the Students' Right to Write  
NCTE Position Statement   

NCTE Principles for Intellectual Freedom in Education 
NCTE Position Statement

NCTE Position Statement Regarding Rating or “Red-Flagging” Books
NCTE Position Statement

Statement on Censorship and Professional Guidelines
NCTE Guideline

Defining and Defending Instructional Methods
NCTE Guideline

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education
NCTE Guideline

Guidelines for Dealing with Censorship of Nonprint and Multimedia Materials
NCTE Guideline

Guidelines for Selection of Materials in English Language Arts Programs
NCTE Guideline 

Resolution on Legislation to Protect the Rights of Student Journalists 

Resolution on Students' Right of Expression

Resolution on Teachers' Right to Teach

Resolution on Censorship and [Nonprint] Media

Resolution on Students' Freedom of Speech and Press

Resolution on Collecting Rationales for Defending Challenged Works

Resolution on Opposing Abridgment or Adaptation as a Form of Censorship

Resolution on Opposition to Censorship

Resolution on Confronting Efforts to Censor Instructional Materials

Resolution on Formation of a Foundation to Support Academic and Intellectual Freedom

Resolution on Meeting Obscenity Challenges to Teaching Materials

Resolution on the Report of the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography


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