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Policy Analysts - Previous Revision

A list of the P12 Policy Analysts will be available in December.

If you have any questions about the Policy Analysis Initiative or would like information channeled to the Policy Analysts in your state, please contact Danielle Griffin, Legislative Associate at NCTE's DC Office, at

AlabamaP12Dianna Minor
Higher Ed
Michelle Sidler
Auburn University
 Higher Ed
Patricia Jenkins
University of Alaska at Anchorage
 Higher Ed
Jeff Andelora
Mesa Community College
 Higher Ed
Dixie Keyes
Arkansas State University
CaliforniaP12Carrie Ann Gehringer
 Higher Ed
Dan Melzer
California State University, Sacramento
ColoradoP12Thomas Fitzgerald
 Higher Ed
Sue Due
Colorado State University
ConnecticutP12Catherine Sosnowski
Torrington Public Schools

Higher Ed
Anam K. Govardhan
Western Connecticut State University

Higher Ed
Christine Cucciarre
University of Delaware

Higher Ed
John Walter
Saint Louis University
FloridaP12Shazia Bajwa
Higher Ed
Alison Reynolds
University of Florida
GeorgiaP12Andrea Moon

Higher Ed
Janice Walker
Georgia Southern University

Higher Ed
IdahoP12Juli Stricklan

Higher Ed
Karen Uehling
Boise State University
IllinoisP12Brian Horn

Higher Ed
Joseph Janangelo
Loyola University Chicago

Higher Ed
Katherine Wills
Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus
IowaP12Laura Meyer

Higher Ed
James Uhlenkamp
Graceland University

Higher Ed
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Johnson County Community College
Kentucky P12Janet Mitchell

Higher Ed
Roxanne Mountford
University of Kentucky

Higher Ed
Clancy Ratliff
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
MarylandP12Kristen Nielsen
Eastern Technical High School

Higher Ed
Peter Adams
Community College of Baltimore County
MaineP12Ruth Townsend Story

Higher EdMatthew PiferHusson University

Higher Ed
Matthew Parfitt
Boston University
Michigan P12  

Higher Ed
Leslie Roberts
Oakland Community College

Higher Ed
Erin Mulvany-Mankowski
Brown College

Higher Ed
MissouriP12Kindel Nash
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Higher Ed
Jane Greer
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Higher Ed
Karen Henderson
Helena College University of Montana

Higher Ed
Debbie Minter
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
NevadaP12Jennifer Rios

Higher Ed
James Webber
University of Nevada, Reno
New Hampshire

Higher Ed
New Jersey
P12Maureen McVeigh-Berzok
Piscataway High School

Higher Ed
Amy Baldassare
Bergen Community College
New Mexico

Higher Ed
Erin O'Neill Armendarez
New Mexico State University
New York
P12Kevin Calacone

Higher Ed
Michelle Ninacs
Buffalo State College
North Carolina
P12Marian Dillahunt-Andrews

Higher Ed
Terry McLean
Gaston College
North Dakota

Higher Ed
Ronda Marman
North Dakota State College of Science

Higher Ed
Michelle Rankins
Cuyahoga Community College - Western Campus
OklahomaP12Lawrence Baines
University of Oklahoma

Higher Ed
Michele Eodice
University of Oklahoma
Oregon P12Peter Thacker

Higher Ed
Stacey Donohue
Central Oregon Community College
PennsylvaniaP12Diane Waff
University of Pennsylvania

Higher Ed
Alexis Hart
Allegheny College
Rhode Island
P12Barbara Wahlberg

Higher Ed
South Carolina

Higher Ed
David Blakesley
Clemson University
South Dakota

Higher Ed
Shreelina Ghosh
Dakota State University
TennesseeP12Sharon Yates

Higher Ed
Jennifer Beech
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
TexasP12Valerie Taylor

Higher Ed
Michael Gos
Lee College

Higher Ed
Kristine Hansen
Brigham Young University

Higher Ed
Susanmarie Harrington
University of Vermont
VirginiaP12Virginia Adkins

Higher Ed
Richelle Rodrigo
Old Dominion University

Higher Ed
Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt
Yakima Valley Community College
West Virginia

Higher Ed
Laura Brady
University of West Virginia
Wisconsin P12  

Higher Ed
John Pruitt
University of Wisconsin - Rock County

Higher Ed


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