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Talking about Writing
from NCTE INBOX 6-26

During the 2012 CCCC Convention, "Writing Gateways," in St. Louis last March, CCCC members and presenters were interviewed and asked to share their thoughts on writing, past and present.

Deborah Brandt discussed how writing works beyond the classroom. Brandt is known for her idea of "sponsors of literacy" described in her College Composition and Communication article. She explains, "In this essay I set out a case for why the concept of sponsorship is so richly suggestive for exploring economies of literacy and their effects. Then, through use of extended case examples, I demonstrate the practical application of this approach for interpreting current conditions of literacy teaching and learning, including persistent stratification of opportunity and escalating standards for literacy achievement."

Doug Hesse reminded all of us that writing teachers are writers. He highlighted the fact that while writing is exploratory, it can also be fun. In his College Composition and Communication article "The Place of Creative Writing in Composition Studies," Hesse says composition studies and creative writing should link together to create a richer, more coherent view of writing, and that composition studies should also pay more attention to craft and to composing texts not created in response to rhetorical situations or for scholars.

Cynthia Selfe provided tips for helping students to communicate in a world that is increasingly digital. In the 3rd edition of Cross-Talk in Comp Theory: A Reader, edited by Victor Villanueva and Kristin L. Arola, Selfe participates in conversations on technology, resulting in a collection that provides new and experienced teachers and scholars with indispensable insights into the challenges, controversies, and ever-shifting currents within the field.

Howard Tinberg shared a two-year college writing study of high school students who took college-level writing courses. Read more in The Community College Writer: Exceeding Expectations, co-written with Jean-Paul Nadeau, in which the authors use their research at one community college to reach out to instructors throughout the nation, fostering communication between community college faculty members in the effort to establish full-fledged writing programs geared toward student success. Listen to an interview with the authors.

Steve Parks issued a call for community support of students -- he believes this will translate K-12 learning to college. Parks co-wrote the article "Writing beyond the Curriculum: Fostering New Collaborations in Literacy" in College English in which he urged compositionists to reframe Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) to reach beyond university boundaries. He suggests problems and benefits that may accompany this change of orientation for writing programs.

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