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What's New from NCTE?
from NCTE INBOX 10-30-12 

NCTE has many new and exciting resources and opportunities on many different topics including informational text, assessment, dialects, and film in the classroom. Check them out!

Informational Text
360 Degrees of TextOn November 1, Eileen Murphy Buckley will host the Web seminar Representing Close Reading in Academic Writing, introducing and describing close reading as well as various strategies for engaging readers in the practice of representing these close readings in academic writing across disciplines. Learn more in her book 360 Degrees of Text: Using Poetry to Teach Close Reading and Powerful Writing.

Join Mary Cappellini for an informative look at how elementary teachers can help ELLs improve reading comprehension in the Web seminar Using Informational Texts with English Language Learners. The Common Core State Standards clearly articulate a need for students to be proficient in reading complex informational text independently in a variety of content areas.

Beyond Standardized TruthThe most common purposes of assessment in secondary classrooms are to certify acquisition of knowledge or skills, to sort students, and to generate grades. The On Demand Web seminar Supporting Adolescent Readers through Classroom-Based Assessment will help participants re-imagine assessment as a tool for creating better mental constructs of their students as readers and learners and, consequently, as a valuable means of guiding day-to-day instruction. Resources from Scott Filkins's Beyond Standardized Truth: Improving Teaching and Learning through Inquiry-Based Reading Assessment will also be shared.

 African American, Creole, and Other Vernacular Englishes in Education: A Bibliographic ResourceAfrican American, Creole, and Other Vernacular Englishes in Education: A Bibliographic Resource, a comprehensive bibliography, provides a tool useful for those interested in the complex issue of how knowledge about language variation can be used to more effectively teach students who speak a nonstandard or stigmatized language variety.

Film in the Classroom
Many educators teach the novel and use the film, but how many know how to use the film to teach film literacy?  Teaching film techniques (lighting, symbolism, sound, camera angles) is part of the new Common Core ELA Standards. Join film and media educator Frank W. Baker for the Web seminar To Kill a Mockingbird -- Teaching the Film: Helping Students Appreciate the Language of the Moving Image and take a new look at engaging students in film education. Listen to Frank describe the work he does on media and critical literacies to help teachers in schools across the nation.

Reading Shakespeare Film FirstIn Reading Shakespeare Film First, author Mary Ellen Dakin asserts that we need to read Shakespeare in triplicate -- as the stuff of transformative literature, theater, and film. The potential for the mutual reinforcement and transfer of twenty-first century literacy skills between text and film is too promising for classroom teachers to overlook. View more in her On Demand Web seminar Reading Shakespeare with All Our Students.




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