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From the Current Issue:

Writing Shapes Worlds

March 14, 2017

This week Portland, Oregon, will be filled with thousands of people who teach, research, and write about writing in all its myriad forms. The Conference on College Composition and Communication Convention is home to the latest thinking and innovation in the discipline, and if you can’t be there in person, follow along via #4c17 on Instagram and Twitter.

In Program Chair Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt’s call for this year’s conference, “Cultivating Capacity, Creating Change,” she points to the need to “create broader understanding and appreciation of our disciplinary landscape.” That goal echoes part of the CCCC 2020 vision statement: 

“We will advocate for a broad definition of writing (including composition, digital production, and diverse language practices) that emphasizes its value as a human activity that empowers individuals and communities to shape their worlds.” 

While CCCC has played a leadership role in thinking about these ideas, they surface across the work of the Council. Here are some examples from the archives. 

  • Linda Christensen discusses teaching students to respect and value languages from diverse communities, including their own, in Voices from the Middle
  • Patrick Sullivan asks if it’s possible to define what we mean by “college-level” writing in Teaching English in the Two-Year College.
  • Donald Graves reflects on what good writing teachers do in Language Arts
  • Ellen McGirt talks about writing as a tool for connecting in this Why I Write podcast. 
  • Fahima Ife explains the process of having students compose an anthology of their “writing for power” in English Journal
  • Asao B. Inoue continues the conversation in the call for CCCC 2018! 

Looking for more? Here are dozens of resources from ReadWriteThink and many books from the Principles in Practice series on writing. 


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