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From the Current Issue:

Working Together

Students' Literacy Blossoms at Summer Learning Labs
Literacy learning labs, held this summer in 21 rural schools in five states, gave students a safe space to read and write and gave teachers a chance to collaborate and try new strategies. Funding these labs is a Literacy Innovation in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) grant, a two-year, $4.6-million grant between NCTE and two partners, Rural School & Community Trust and the Institute for Educational Leadership.  The Council Chronicle, September 2015

Summer Lab at South Central School


"Collaboration: Making a Difference": Working in collegial groups is not the norm in most schools. Instead, teachers tend to work in isolation, plan in isolation, and reflect on their work in isolation.  English Leadership Quarterly, August 1999 

"Intending to Meet: The Truth about Collaboration": When teachers are able to take time to practice authentic collaboration, they are better able to help their students become independent and Teacher Study Groups: Building Community through Dialogue and Reflectioncritical learners.  English Journal, January 2014

From NCTE: Teacher Study Groups: Building Community through Dialogue and Reflection

Working Together Is Working Smarter
Literacy and Learning Exchange, National Center for Literacy Education 

Remodeling Literacy Learning: Making Room for What Works:  National Center for Literacy Education 

"The Amazing Things Teachers Can Do Together":  The Council Chronicle, March 2015 

"The Need for Teacher Communities: An Interview with Linda Darling Hammond":  The Council Chronicle, November 2011

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NCTE's New School Membership ProgramDesigned to help educators support literacy learners in every classroom, NCTE’s School Membership Program is open to all of your colleagues working from the same school building or campus. Bring your team together around a year’s worth of content picked especially for educators in all disciplines; every member will also receive online access to an NCTE journal, a monthly e-newsletter, and other benefits of NCTE green membership. Get to know the School Membership Program better by requesting a sample issue of the newsletter or reading more about the program.



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