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From the Current Issue:

Questions for the Start of School 

August 1, 2017

Some of you are already back in the classroom, and some of you are just gearing up. As you reflect on new beginnings, consider this food for thought from NCTE members:


"Sometimes, we need to look for quick answers to immediate questions, like 'Where can I go for new ideas to start the school year?' Before we jump to something cool or exciting, though, it’s really important to take a small step back and ask a couple of questions: 'What do I want my students to know, understand, and be able to do in relation to their own literacy development?' and 'Will the things I find contribute to those things? How will they?' A possible third and fourth question might be: 'What do these resources say about students, literacy learning, and teaching? Are those things I believe?'" 

Linda Adler-Kassner, CCCC Chair


“We plan activities to get to know our students in authentic ways, but do we have a plan to ensure they get to be their authentic selves in our classrooms?”
Chad Everett, from " The Work of Back to School"


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