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After decades of top-down interventions, many educators are wary of sweeping reforms. Rather than march to the drumbeat of negative news about failing schools, NCTE and the Ball Foundation are joining together in a project to celebrate the work of successful school teams across the country who are achieving remarkable results in advancing literacy learning, and to share what we learn with education policymakers.

New 2/27/14! Remodeling Literacy Learning Together: Paths to Standards Implementation
Last year's national NCLE study, Remodeling Literacy Learning: Make Room for What Works (see below), indicated that working together is working smarter—educators’ most powerful professional learning experiences come from working with their colleagues.

This year, NCLE investigated how this idea plays out when implementing the new Common Core State Standards in literacy. Are teachers engaged in the process and do they have time to work together? Do they feel well prepared to implement the new literacy standards? Read more in "NCLE Study Reveals the Potential of a Quiet Revolution" and hear Catherine Awsumb Nelson and Kent Williamson talk about the new report on Education Talk Radio.


2013 Report:  Remodeling Literacy Learning:
Making Room for What Works

Today there is growing agreement that literacy is at the center of all learning. The National Center for Literacy Education, a coalition of education associations, policy organizations, and foundations united to support schools in elevating literacy learning, conducted a nationally representative survey of educators of all roles, grade levels, and subject areas to find out where we stand as a nation. This report provides an overview of NCLE's findings and concludes with an analysis of opportunities to move forward. Linda Darling-Hammond writes about the report in "What Teachers Need and Reformers Ignore: Time to Collaborate" (see more news and blog posts about the report at the bottom of this page).



Literacy Education Reform from the Grassroots
Through the National Center for Literacy Education (NCLE), we will provide support to and compile evidence about how educators working in cross disciplinary teams design and implement plans to support literacy learners in every classroom. By sharing stories, vignettes, and cases from these schools, NCLE will not only make visible teaching and learning practices, it will highlight the organizational conditions and community support that make real progress possible.

Supporting School Change
Visit the Literacy in Learning Exchange to learn how you can get involved. NCTE members will be invited to use the free Literacy in Learning Exchange website to build or further develop a community of practice in their schools. Schools and teams that embrace the challenge of sponsoring and supporting a community of practice will be eligible to apply for recognition and support as Centers for Literacy Education.

Sustaining Improved Learning
To complement the gains observed in participating schools and teams, NCLE will fund collaborative research projects and share findings with policy leaders at all levels. Feedback will be provided to teams who seek information or advice about their work. And NCLE stakeholder organizations will make available what we learn from participating teams through our peer-reviewed publications, seminars, and colloquies.

Join the Council and its allies in writing a future for literacy education that puts the expertise of educators and the interests of students and their families at the center of our work!

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