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We're gradually adding selections on popular topics from past issues of The Council Chronicle, NCTE's membership magazine.
If there's a particular article you'd like to see here, feel free to request it in the Comment box below.  

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Selections from Past Issues

Writing Now: an NCTE Policy Research Brief 

What Is College Level Writing? (March 2007) 

Plagiarism: We Shouldn't Miss Out on the Opportunity to Find Out What Young Writers are Thinking (March 2007)

Poet Donald Hall Applauds the Resurgence of Poetry (March 2007)

Formative Assessment: Helping Students Grow (March 2007)

NCTE Moves Forward with Professional Development Principles and NCLB Recommendations (March 2007)

Beyond Grammar Drills: How Language Works in Learning to Write (Online-Only, Oct.  25, 2006)

Teaching about Plagiarism in a Digital Age: Students Listen When Teachers Discuss the Issues (November 2005)

Author Jon Scieszka Talks about Guys’ Reading (Sept. 2005)

Dues-Paying Poet Laureate Depends on Us, Too (March 05)

Poetry Can Free Student Voices: An Interview with WordPlaygrounds Author John O'Connor (The Council Chronicle, March 05)

Calling Attention to Contingent Faculty Issues -- Coalition on the Academic Workforce Announces Strategic Directions and Unveils Web Site (March 2005)

Beyond "Preparing for Kindergarten": Honoring the Literacy Experiences that Children Bring to School (March 2005)

Beyond “Preparing for Kindergarten”: Recommended Reading Suggestions from Susi Long (March 2005)

What Do Early Literacy Experiences Sound Like? (March 2005)

Frank McCourt Is Forever a Teacher Man (Nov. 2005)

Isabel Allende Loves the Writing Process (Sept. 2005)

Good Writing Instruction Is What’s Needed : NCTE Task Force on SAT and ACT Writing Tests Releases Report  (Sept. 2005)

Tackling the Challenge of Boys’ Literacy Gap (Sept. 2005)

What about Girls and Literacy? (Sept. 2005)

Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom (Sept. 2005)

In Graphic Novels, the Pictures Are the Story (Sept. 05)

Connecting through Writing (Sept. 05)

NCTE Authors Weigh In on Teaching Grammar and Writing (March 2004)

Using Students' Own Language to Reach Them: An Interview with Mari Evans (Nov. 2004)

Who Loves to Write? Kindergarteners Working on Riddles! (May 2003)

Rest Assured--Students, Teachers, and Language Are "Alive and Kickn": Teachable Moments in Technology-Inspired Shorthand (May 2003)

 What Can I Read? Encouraging Adolescents in--and beyond--the Classroom  (Nov. 2002)

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