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Thank you teachers!

You inspire our students, our profession, and create our shared future. Teachers, we celebrate you now -- and treasure you all other days in the year. With appreciation from Emily Kirkpatrick and the rest of the NCTE staff #ThankaTeacher

From the Literacy & NCTE Blog:

From the Literacy in Learning Exchange Blog:

Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker

The Power of Teacher Collaboration

"Teaching is simultaneously one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. We often say that students make it worth it, but there’s something else that can make or break your happiness as a teacher: your colleagues." -- Lily Jones, The Teaching Channel

Writing Centers Matter

Shout Outs

Crayola Lesson Plans Linking Art and Literacy

More than 533 high school juniors took part in NCTE’s Achievement Awards in Writing program; 264 of those students received certificates of recognition. And 122 of the 159 eighth-grade students who took part in the Promising Young Writers program received certificates of recognition.

Teaching English in the Two Year College

The March 2016 issue of Teaching English in the Two Year College recently got a nice nod from Galen Leonhardy who wrote to say:

“Volume 43 of Teaching English in the Two-Year College is filled with new voices and great article content. As usual, the cover is somewhat tattered after nearly two months of carrying around the journal. Now that I'm looking at it, I wish there had been time earlier for me to read it. The content includes directed self placement, reading, professionalism (teacher-scholar communities), Lit crit, group work (my weakness), and labor issues. Wow…”

There was a wonderful profile of Dr. Debra Goodman on the Hofstra website in celebration of her recognition with the Whole Language Umrbella Lifetime Membership Award.

Lamar JohnsonWe found out Lamar Johnson, a member of the 2014-2016 Cultivating New Voices among Scholars of Color cohort is in Uyo, Nigeria, as a visiting scholar at the University of Uyo. He writes:

While here, I am presenting to the early childhood teachers about the importance of diversifying children's literature. My presentation is titled: Critical Literacy and Choosing Books for Children. I am co-presenting this particular presentation with Drs. Gloria Boutte and George Johnson. They are my mentors. Also, I'm giving an individual talk and lecture which is titled: Where Do We Go From Here?: Embracing the Radical Imagination of Critical Race English Education.

Poppy Mayberry, The MondayCongratulations to Jennie Brown, a high school English teacher and president of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English. She just published her first book Poppy Mayberry, The Monday

Jessica Herring's project Spheros in the Language Arts Classroom won the 2016 ISTE Technology in Action Award. Jessica was assisted in this project by UCA's Michael Mills. This award is given to a teacher who is dedicated to innovation while keeping the focus on kids. Link to the winning video is here.

Spotlight on NCTE

Spotlight on NCTE
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2016 Annual Convention notifications
will be sent via email, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4.

Trauma, Loss, and Literacies: Submission Deadline May 15, 2016 for Language Arts 
For the May 2017 issue of Language Arts, we seek manuscripts exploring how traumatic events and experiences are storied within spaces of teaching and learning. What happens when children share or read stories of loss, economic hardship, and/or trauma? How are students drawing on multiple modalities to express these stories or their responses to them? What responsibilities do educators have to those who share trauma narratives and to those who witness the narratives? How do collective experiences of traumatic events (e.g., police shootings, environmental disasters) find expression in the language arts classroom? What happens when these stories are silenced? How do educational institutions, assessment practices, and curricula serve as sites of struggle and loss for students? Read the full submission guidelines for details. 

Your Vote Matters in the NCTE Elections
Please take a moment to vote for the future leaders of the Council and the Conference on English Education. The ballots were emailed to the address we have on file for you. If you do not see the message, check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. If you haven’t received your ballot email(s), or have recently joined or renewed your membership, please send a message to NCTE with your name, current mailing address and email address. Elections will close at 11:59 p.m. Central Time, Wednesday, June 1.

Award Deadlines
CEE Geneva Smitherman Cultural Diversity Grant: May 23 Deadline
This grant offers up to two $500 awards for first-time NCTE Conference presenters who are members of groups historically underrepresented in NCTE and CEE.

CCCC Awards with June 1 Deadlines 
Luiz Antonio Marcuschi Travel Awards, Deadline: June 1
Travel reimbursement awards are available to scholars from Mexico, Central, or South America who have papers accepted for presentation at the 2017 CCCC Convention in Portland, OR.

CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Awards, Deadline: June 1
Six Award Categories

  • Best Book in Technical or Scientific Communication
  • Best Original Collection of Essays in Technical or Scientific Communication
  • Best Article Reporting Qualitative or Quantitative Research in Technical or Scientific Communication
  • Best Article Reporting Historical Research or Textual Studies in Technical or Scientific Communication
  • Best Article on Philosophy or Theory of Technical or Scientific Communication
  • Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical or Scientific Communication
Opportunity to Speak Up

The United States Department of Education Seeks Stakeholder Feedback Regarding ESSA Guidance in areas that include: 

  • ways to expand early learning;
  • strategies to recruit, develop, and retain teachers and leaders (Title II);
  • student support services (Title IV); and
  • other areas where state and local agencies could benefit from additional guidance.

Provide your input by sending an email message to ESSA.guidance@ed.gov, noting the topic area(s) in the subject line. Submit your comments by May 25, 2016

For Lovers of American Literature
Notes on American Letters (NAL), the quarterly journal of the Assembly on American Literature, is changing to a hybrid journal: both digital and print, literature and essay, explication and pedagogy, with a breadth including teachers and their students from grades 6 to 14. We hope our quarterly journal will appeal to you and your colleagues. We invite you to submit manuscripts for publication and posts about controversial topics to Hannah Goodwin, Assistant to the Editor (NAL2ncte@wfu.edu), who will guide them through our submissions process and respond within 25 days.

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