New statements from CCCC -- plus the four R's of summer: Reflect, Recharge, Relax, Read!
Insisting on action  

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Last month NCTE president Doug Hesse issued a brief, powerful call at the opening of the CCCC Annual Convention:

"We must insist on a vast verdant vista, one where literacy is a civic good as well as a personal gain, one that prizes creativity as well as productivity, one that sees reading, composing, and teaching not as basic skills truncated for testmakers but as infinite arts capaciously makeable by all." (Read the full remarks here.)


This statement was quickly followed by a dynamic speech from CCCC Chair Joyce Locke Carter whose talk posed a challenge:

"What is required of us is that we disrupt, or reinvent, our comfortable notions about what we do and explore radical new ideas about what we should do, what we can do. The current milieu demands outward engagement and I argue that we engage by 
making disruption, making solutions, making change." (Read the full remarks here.) 

Exploring NCTE History

These calls to action are part of a long history of action within the organization. You can learn more about one facet of that history in Teaching, Feminism, and School Rule, a recent blog post by Jonna Perrillo, NCTE historian.

Explore more history of this kind in the Legacy of Pride series by NCTE Vice President Jocelyn Chadwick.

Tools for taking a stand  

Sign up Today - Using Evidence to Guide Teaching and LearningTwo New CCCC Statements
The CCCC community has been hard at work creating new statements and revising old ones to ensure members are equipped with resources to tackle the challenges in our field. More will be coming soon.

Become an Everyday Advocate

This website designed by Cathy Fleischer offers many resources to help you "explore ways to become advocates for teachers, for teaching, and for student learning. Learn how to enter the public conversation in ways that are smart, safe, and savvy. Find your voice and help change the conversation."

Rhetoric of RespectRead and Be Inspired
Change CAN happen, as Tiffany Rousculp describes in her story of the Salt Lake Community College's Community Writing Center. Read a sample chapter from Rhetoric of Respect: Recognizing Change at a Community Writing Center. In this conversation with C. C. Hendricks, Rousculp talks about the founding of the CWC, the impact that its locations have had on its staff's work and on its clientele, the process of writing her book, and the importance of blurring boundaries between the world of higher education and the larger communities it inhabits. She also offers some advice for others interested in engaging in community literacy work.

Four R's oF Summer  

Can you believe it? Memorial Day, that herald of summer, is just a few days away. Whether your school year is already over or will be soon, here are a few things to get you in the mindset:

Take some time to revel in the journey you’ve taken this school year. This blog post, What I'll Miss, from Katherine Sokolowski offers a lovely example.

Literacies for All Summer InstituteRecharge.
One way to prime your batteries for next school year is to learn new things! Here are a few options we recommend this summer: the Whole Language Umbrella Institute (St. Louis, MO), the online course Using Evidence to Guide Teaching and Learning, and the Conference on English Leadership Regional Institute (Bowling Green, KY).

Take care of you. A recent study from the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education showed that “teachers who regularly use stress-reducing strategies increase their abilities to cope with the demands of the career and are positioned to do a better job educating students.”


We’re pretty sure you’ve got a summer reading list going already, but if not, you should definitely put #nctechat on June 19th on your calendar. The theme is “Books That Changed My Life” and we’re inviting lots of friends to participate.

If you could invite an author to join this conversation, who would you invite?

Tweet your answer to @ncte and don’t forget to tag the authors!

Also, check out Plan Now for Summer Reading, a blog post on the Literacy in Learning Exchange.

P.S. All books are 25% off in the NCTE store until May 31!


Matthew Patterson and othersMatthew Patterson, a 12th grade English teacher at Banneker High School in Georgia is a 2016 winner of the Fishman Prize. This is a photo of Matthew talking with fellow teacher Angelann Stephens and NCTE executive director Emily Kirkpatrick during a visit Emily made to their school in January.

Merrill J. Davies, GCTE/NCTE liaison, has just published her third novel, Our Pebble in the Pond (Martin Sisters Pub., 2016).

Thanks to the following contributors to the Literacy & NCTE blog:


Announcing Two New Awards from the NCTE Latin@ Caucus and Sponsored by Laura Muñoz, CEO S-Mart. Applications for both are due July 15.

The Nuestra Gente Award of $500 recognizes a Latin@ graduate student or junior faculty (first three years) to support his or her continued education and research agenda, which must align to the NCTE Rainbow Strand.

The Excelencia in Teaching Scholarship of $1000 will be awarded to a Latin@ educator who is an example of excellence in teaching and demonstrates innovative approaches in education. The scholarship is to help cover the cost of registration and travel to participate in the annual NCTE Convention.

CEE logoCEE Research Initiative Grants: Applications are due August 8.
CEE invites proposals for research projects that will advance the mission of the organization as articulated through our various position statements and sponsored publications. The CEE Research Initiative will fund up to four proposals at a maximum of $2,500 each. Download the 2016-2017 CEE Research Initiative Call.

CEE Graduate Student Research Award: Proposals are due August 8.
The Conference on English Education (CEE) is pleased to announce the establishment of the CEE Graduate Student Research Award. This award seeks to support graduate student research that advances the work of CEE as articulated through the organization's position statements and sponsored publications.


Wondering What's Happening to Your #4C17 Proposal? 
Check out this video by conference program chair Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt.  

Last Chance to Cast Your Votes in the NCTE Elections
NCTE, NCTE Sections, and CEE elections will close at 11:59 p.m. CDT, Wednesday, June 1. Watch for one last email next week, and please take a moment to vote for the future leaders of the Council and the Conference on English Education.

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