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What You May Not Know about NCTE

You know that NCTE is a membership organization that publishes books and journals, brings people together for professional learning at our Annual Convention and through our online courses, and sponsors literacy events, including the African American Read-In and the National Day on Writing. Here are 11 things that NCTE is doing that you may not know about:

1.  Telling stories.
NCTE has an Assessment Task Force that surveyed educators and developed the Assessment Story Project.

I wish the assessments...

2.  Making history.
In 2011 NCTE turned 100 years old.

3.  Celebrating excellence.
NCTE hosts a number of awards for writing, service to the profession, and scholarship.

NCLE logo4.  Collaborating.
NCTE is a stakeholder in the National Center for Literacy Education.

5.  Connecting.
NCTE connects with members and others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn; hosts the Literacy & NCTE Blog; and has its own Connected Community where members can pose questions, offer advice, and share ideas.

6.  Advocating.
Through the advocacy work of its Washington, DC, office, NCTE keeps literacy learning and the needs of teachers and students in front of policymakers; has made recommendations to lawmakers about the reauthorization of the ESEA; offers tips for speaking out; and holds a Literacy Education Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill each February.

Jocelyn Chadwick
7.  Volunteering.  

NCTE relies on volunteers to serve on Section Steering Committees, nominate members for future service, review manuscripts for publication, and research topics for special initiatives.

  • Jocelyn Chadwick, a former chair of the Secondary Section Steering Committee (2012-14), member of the NCTE Executive Committee (2012-14), and member of the Standing Committee Against Censorship (2002-04), will take office as NCTE vice president during the Convention this week.

8.  Offering professional support.
NCTE provides members a listing of professional opportunities in the K-college English language arts fields across the country.

ReadWriteThink.org9.  Building resources.
NCTE contributes to, the go-to lesson-planning site for millions of pre-K-12 educators.

10.  Being proactive.

NCTE supports the students’ right to learn through its Intellectual Freedom Center with position statements, hands-on help with challenges to materials, and other resources.

11. Taking a stand.
With the help of its members and constituent groups, NCTE develops resolutions, guidelines, and position statements on topics of interest to policymakers, administrators, and literacy educators at all levels.

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Structural Kindness: Essays on Literacy Education in Honor of Kent D. Williamson
Structural Kindness: Essays on Literacy Education
in Honor of Kent D. Williamson

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