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November 2014 #nctechat

Check out the archives from Sunday's #nctechat featuring discussion of the Literacy Landscape Storytelling Project, during which convention participants share their stories about what happens outside their classrooms that supports the teaching inside them.

And see the archives from Monday's #engchat previewing the NCTE Convention.

Want to Fast Track Education Reform? Try Giving Teachers the Time

The Huffington Post, November 3, 2014

Shifting the Conversation to Remodel Literacy Learning
Literacy & NCTE blog, November 13, 2014

Establishing Time for Professional Learning
Literacy in Learning Exchange 

Scholastic's Guided Reading Short Reads

New Multi-State Network Created for Faculty Collaboration

The Association of American Colleges and Universities announced a new Faculty Collaboratives project eCampus News, November 13, 2014

Leadership Lifts Teachers

District Administration, November 10, 2014 

Demystifying the Role of the Teacher Hybrid
Literacy in Learning Exchange, September 30, 2014

US to Focus on Equity in Assigning of Teachers

The New York Times, November 10, 2014

See the 2014 NCTE Education Policy Platform.

Why I'm Grateful to Be a Teacher in this Generation

SmartBlog on Education, SmartBrief, November 13, 2014

Do Education Programs Dole Out Too Many Easy A's?

Read the latest report from the National Council on Teacher QualityThe Chronicle of Higher Education, November 12, 2014

See NCTE's Conference on English Education's (CEE) response to an earlier NCTQ report.

Look for CEE sessions at the Annual Convention

Leonard L. Milberg High School Poetry Prize

Expanded-Learning-Time Program Expands Its Reach

Time and Learning blog, Education Week, November 12, 2014 

Thousands of Colorado High School Students Refuse to Take State Tests

The Denver Post, November 13, 2014

As the student in the video notes, good assessment needs to be meaningful and connected to instruction; see NCTE/IRA Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing.

7 Reasons Digital Equity Is a Social Justice Issue

eSchool News, November 14, 2014

What Professors Are Thinking

From the Undergraduate Teaching Faculty SurveyInside Higher Ed, November 13, 2014

National Report: Getting Children Out of Poverty Requires a Two-Generation Approach

Salt Lake Tribune, November 12, 2014

Common Core Reading: "The New Colossus"

This is part 1 of a four-part series.  All Things Considered, NPR, November 11, 2014

Part 2:  Common Core Reading: The High Achievers  

Part 3:  Common Core Reading: The Struggle over Struggle 

Part 4:  Common Core Reading: Difficult, Dahl, Repeat 

George Hillocks Jr. Has Died

George Hillocks

Educator, author, and researcher George Hillocks Jr., professor emeritus in the Departments of Education and English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago, passed away on November 12. He also had taught writing in Chicago schools for more than 25 years.

In 1997 Hillocks won the NCTE David H. Russell Research Award for Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice. In 2004 he received NCTE's Distinguished Service Award. Of Hillocks's 1986 NCTE book, Research on Written Composition: New Directions for Teaching, former NCTE Executive Director James Squire called it "a splendid piece of work that needs to be considered carefully and soon."


You Can Still Attend the 2014 Annual Convention in Washington, DC!

Don't miss out on this opportunity! The advance registration deadline has passed, but you can still attend the 2014 NCTE Annual Convention. Simply register onsite in Washington, DC. The Convention Registration Desk will be located in Prince George's Exhibit Hall A, Level 2 (see hours and rates). To speed up your registration process, please bring a completed copy of the registration form.

Awards Will Be Presented during Annual Convention Next Week

Affiliate groups, teachers, authors, and researchers will be honored with awards throughout the NCTE Annual Convention November 20-23. Read about the 2014 recipients and the individual awards.

New Issue of Membership Magazine Now Online

November Council Chronicle

In her article for the November Council Chronicle, Mary Kent Whitaker, who was involved in a recent House of the Spirits book challenge, says, "One of the most powerful things to come out of our five-month-long battle (and that is truly what it felt like) was the activism of my students -- current, former, and future." Also in the November Council Chronicle:

A feature article based on the new NCTE book Real-World Literacies: Disciplinary Teaching in the High School Classroom by Heather Lattimer
"Honoring Inquiry: A Conversation with Heidi Mills and Tim O'Keefe," winners of the 2014 Outstanding Educators in the English Language Arts Award

An interview with 2014 NCTE Annual Convention speaker Sonia Nazario

"How Standardized Tests Shape -- and Limit -- Student Learning," an NCTE policy research brief

"The African American Read-In Marks 25 Years Looking Forward," an interview with African American Read-In founder, Jerrie Cobb Scott

Contribute to the 2014 CCCC Intellectual Property Annual

CCCC logo

This year is the tenth anniversary of the CCCC-IP Annual, a publication created to fulfill the CCCC Intellectual Property Committee’s charge to keep the Conference on College Composition and Communication's membership informed on key events and developments in intellectual property that took place over the previous year. Starting this year, we are encouraging multiple genres, such as short (1000-1500 words) scholarly articles, listicles ("7 Things Rhetoricians Need to Know about the Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST) Act"), and infographics. Manuscripts are due February 28, 2015.

See the November Research in the Teaching of English

"Cultural Constructions of Plagiarism in Student Writing: Teachers' Perceptions and Responses" is one article in the November Research in the Teaching of English that is accessible online by subscribers, and by nonsubscribers for a limited time. Learn more about the journal on its website and in "RTE Making an Impact in the Field of English Education."

Nominations Sought for 2015 CEL Awards

The Conference on English Leadership encourages members to submit nominations for its Exemplary Leadership Award and for its first Teacher-Leader of Excellence Award (the deadline for each award is February 1, 2015).

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