NCTE's Assessment Task Force releases findings from a national survey of literacy educators.
Teachers Have A Lot To Say About Assessment  

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new report, The Assessment Story Project: What We Learned from Teachers Sharing Their Experiences with Literacy Assessment. This report shares the views of more than 530 English and language arts, reading, and writing teachers in K12 schools and higher education, which were gathered over several months in the spring of 2015 via an online survey. It serves as a voice of and guide for the profession—and as useful information for state and federal policymakers and school system leaders as they consider changes to large-scale testing systems.

The report was developed by an Assessment Task Force convened by NCTE and led by Kathleen Blake Yancey. Based on the analysis of the teacher responses to the Assessment Story Project, the task force reached two important conclusions: (1) teachers are essential to the literacy assessment process, yet their voices are not being heard in the design, development, and implementation of assessment systems; and (2) many teachers already have multifaceted, effective assessments in place that make many of the externally mandated, standardized assessments unnecessary. Read more…

Three Opportunities to Learn Together  

As the school year ramps up, so do the learning opportunities for NCTE members!  

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FREE Live Web Seminars: This year NCTE will feature monthly Web seminars hosted by experts in the field. The first event, Exploring Intersections between Digital and Disciplinary Literacy: Leveraging Synergies for Deeper Learning, happens Sept. 1 at 4:30 p.m. EDT. Register


CEL Regional Institute, Bowling Green, KY, Sept. 30: During this one-day institute filled with interactive sessions, literacy leaders from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio will come together to network and discuss innovative ways to engage with, advocate for, and propel forward our practice. Register


2016 Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA, Nov. 17-20: Explore the theme “Faces of Advocacy” through more than 600 individual sessions, speaking events with some of the most profound voices of our time, and the opportunity to learn alongside more than 6,000 passionate educators. Register


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Raising Our Voices

Voices from the Middle has a new set of editors and a whole new way of sharing the excellent content and ideas that fill the upcoming September issue. Under the leadership of Sara Kajder and Shelbie Witte, Voices has launched an engaging podcast and a vibrant Facebook page, and you can keep up with the latest developments by following the new Twitter handle: @VoicesNCTE. We’re excited to experience all the fresh ideas flowing out of this wonderful journal. 

#NCTEChat Resumes with Gusto

If you didn't get a chance to tune in to the lively chat this past Sunday, you can review the archives here: Part 1, Part 2. Special thanks to our hosts from the Two Writing Teachers blog! Here is a list of upcoming chats

More to Shout About

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Help Shape NCTE Positions by Submitting a Resolution

If you have concerns about issues that affect your teaching or if you’d like to see NCTE take a stand on a position you support, you have an opportunity to be heard! Propose a resolution that may be voted on at NCTE's Annual Convention

For further details on submitting a resolution, to see resolutions already passed by Council members, or to learn about proposing position statements or guidelines other than resolutions, visit the NCTE website or contact Lori Bianchini at NCTE Headquarters (800-369-6283, ext. 3611; Resolutions must be postmarked by October 15, 2016.

Upcoming Grant and Award Opportunities

CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence August 31 Deadline

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2016–2017 CCCC Research Initiative September 1 Deadline 

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