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February 2010


Is your submission among the more than 25,000 pieces that have been posted to the National Gallery of Writing?

Contribute to the Gallery of Writing



Celebrate the African American Read-In throughout the month of February!


Literacy Education Advocacy Day Is April 22
April Is Literacy Education Advocacy Month

How will the members of your affiliate, committee, or department participate in NCTE's Literacy Education Advocacy Day and Month?

Begin planning your day's or month's events now, and be sure to join us for "Advocacy for Everyday Teachers," a free online session on Tuesday, March 16, to learn how easy it is to advocate for literacy education.

To get started, see


Awards:  Winners Announced, Nomination Deadlines Near
Affiliate groups, teachers, authors, and researchers received awards during the 2009 Annual Convention in Philadelphia.  See the NCTE website for information on how you can nominate yourself, a colleague, or your group, and for details on upcoming award deadlines, including those for


NCTE Leaders and Members Approve New Position Statement
During the 2009 Annual Convention, NCTE leaders and members approved a resolution On the Impact of Continued Budget Cuts.

What Can You Do Now?  Talk with the members of your group, teachers in your department, and colleagues across your district or university about the issues and challenges they're facing. Have they ever thought, "It would really help me talk with my administrator if NCTE had a statement on _____"? Think with them about what that statement might be and draft a resolution for consideration at the 2010 Annual Convention in Orlando.


Mark Your Calendar for the 2010 Affiliate Leadership Meeting
July 9-11, 2010, in Indianapolis, Indiana
While this year's meeting is for affiliates in Regions 2, 4, 5, and 6, see the
NCTE website for information for representatives from other affiliates who wish to attend.

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