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Lesson Plans and Strategy Guides on Using Evidence to Inform Practice

View these additional resources on using evidence to inform practice.

Lesson Plans

Our Community: Creating ABC Books as Assessment (Gr. K-2)
Students create alphabet books, which are used as an integrated assessment with science, health, social studies, and any other content area. This lesson plans looks at the theme of community.

Active Reading through Self-Assessment: The Student-Made Quiz (Gr. 6-12)
This recurring lesson encourages students to comprehend their reading through inquiry and collaboration. They choose important quotations from the text and work in groups to formulate “quiz” questions that their peers will answer.

Involving Students and Families in Ongoing Reflection and Assessment (Gr. K-2)
Students begin by writing a sentence or two each week and progress to daily reflections and records of their school activity. Families respond to these student reflections, which become the basis for discussion among family, teacher, and students.

Graffiti Wall: Discussing and Responding to Literature Using Graphics (Gr. 9-12)
Tap students' desires to doodle and draw by having them create a Graffiti Wall, using graphics to discuss a piece of literature that has been read by the whole class.

Doodle Splash: Using Graphics to Discuss Literature (Gr. 6-8)
Students keep a doodle journal while reading short stories by a common author. In small groups, students then combine their doodles into a graphic representation of the text.


Strategy Guides

Depend on the Text! How to Create Text-Dependent Questions (Gr. 1-3)
Teachers need to create text-dependent questions to elicit close reading. When answering these questions, students learn to reread and think deeply about the text.

Tracking and Supporting Student Learning with Kidwatching (Gr. K-8)
In this strategy guide, you’ll learn how to use kidwatching to track and support student learning. Teachers observe and take notes on students’ understanding of skills and concepts and then use the observations to determine effective strategies for future instruction.

Strategy Guide Series on Differentiating Instruction

Printable Assessment Tools

Go offline with this collection of printable sheets from assessments to organizers—all of them classroom-tested and easy to use.

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