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Voices from the Middle--Moving from Print to Practice

The content in each print issue of Voices from the Middle is just the beginning! Click on an issue below for additional materials and ideas for using each issue with other teachers in your school.

Associate Editor: Jennifer Miller, Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio

March 2016 (Volume 23, Number 3), Research and Investigation






December 2015 (Volume 23, Number 2), Writing Matters





September 2015 (Volume 23, Number 1), Motivation for Learning and Life






May 2015 (Volume 22, Number 4), Deepening Student Interactions with Text






March 2015 (Volume 22, Number 3), Disciplinary Literacy







December 2014 (Volume 22, Number 2), Blended Learning






September 2014 (Volume 22, Number 1), Speaking and Listening




May 2014 (Volume 21, Number 4), Remixing the Roles of Teacher and Learner






March 2014 (Volume 21, Number 3), Narration, Persuasion, Argumentation: Teaching Writing with Purpose






December 2013 (Volume 21, Number 2), Feed-Forward: Linking Instruction with Assessment






September 2013 (Volume 21, Number 1), Expanding the Canon: Virtue or Vice?





May 2013 (Volume 20, Number 4), Teaching the Language of School and Academics






March 2013 (Volume 20, Number 3), Tolerance 2.0




December 2012 (Volume 20, Number 2), Grouping in Middle School 






September 2012 (Volume 20, Number 1), Background Knowledge and Vocabulary




May 2012 (Volume 19, Number 4), New Literacies 






March 2012 (Volume 19, Number 3), Preparing Our Students as Writers 






December 2011 (Volume 19, Number 2), The Faces of Intervention 






September 2011 (Volume 19, Number 1), Quality Teaching





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