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Voices from the Middle, Vol. 7, No. 4, May 2000

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Vocabulary: Making Words Matter

  • Word Matter Tensions

    Janet Allen

    Abstract: Frank Smith cites Nagy and Herman (1987) research that shows middle school students learn an average of 4,875 words a year—outside of school. Literacy researcher and educator Janet Allen offers strategies for word study—inside the classroom.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Literature, Pedagogy, Writing, Reading

  • Tickets to the Theatre: Opening the curtain on a Dialogue with Words

    Joan Perker-Webster and Leigh Van Horn

    Abstract: Describes how two different middle school teachers transformed the study of vocabulary in their classrooms by engaging students' interest in words, moving the study of vocabulary into students' worlds through theatre and through word tickets and a student-created museum.

    Keywords: Middle, Pedagogy

  • Lessons from a Vocabulary Journal

    Becky Bone

    Abstract: Describes how one middle school teacher was inspired by Janet Allen's book, "Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12," to significantly change the way she thought about and taught vocabulary. Describes several strategies and activities that engaged students in activating background knowledge; making meaningful connections; learning new concepts and applying them to their lives; and remembering definitions beyond the next day or week.

    Keywords: Middle, Secondary

  • Adventures in the Land of Vocabulary

    Charlie AuBuchon and Tammy Wichman

    Abstract: Describes how two eighth-grade language arts teachers ventured into the territory of vocabulary development. Describes several class activities and strategies they used to increase students' vocabulary and to make students into enthusiastic explorers and discoverers of words.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Pedagogy, Reading

  • Language Play in Y2K: Morphology Brought to You by Pokémon

    Alleen Pace Nilsen and Don L. F. Nilsen

    Abstract: Suggests that teachers can take advantage of children's interest in the Pokemon game to teach worthwhile lessons about how words are developed. Shows how, by analyzing Pokemon names, kids can learn the linguistic concept of morphology.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Pedagogy, Reading

  • Peek, Peak, Pique: Using Homophones to Teach Vocabulary (and Spelling!)

    Marilyn Bogusch Pryle

    Abstract: Argues that regular homophone practice enhances vocabulary knowledge, spelling skills, pronunciation ability, and overall reading proficiency. Describes how card games played with decks of homophones helped to accomplish these things. Notes particular benefits of homophone games to ESL students, and outlines key advantages of using the games.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Pedagogy

  • Words

    Joan Bauer

    Abstract: It is the rare person who sets out to learn to new words. Rather, people go out and have experiences and find ways to talk about them. “Vocabulary" is necessary in order for us to talk with one another. Adolescent author Joan Bauer shares personal experiences that have made “words" hold meaning for her, as well as her challenge to find just the right words to say just what she wants to say.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Literature, Writing

  • EDITOR'S MESSAGE: Making Words Matter

    Kylene Beers

    Abstract: In order to make words matter, students mush have a passion for the words they are to learn and see a purpose for learning them. In this themed issue, "Vocabulary: Making Words Matter," the authors emphasize what happens when we make words matter.

    Keywords: Middle

  • Index for Volume 7 [FREE ACCESS]

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Middle

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