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Voices from the Middle, Vol. 6, No. 1, September 1998

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Second Language Learners

  • Unlock Their Lonely Hearts

    Danling Fu

    Abstract: Argues that, for new immigrant children, literacy education that challenges students to speak and engage in meaningful work (not worksheets and handwriting practice) is the key to initiating them into American culture, to helping them feel this country is their home, and to unlocking their lonely hearts. Focuses on the special problems of Chinese students living in Chinatown.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Literature, Pedagogy, Writing, Middle

  • "The Place I Will Always Remember": Drawing on Experiences through the Quilt Project

    Ruth Shagoury Hubbard

    Abstract: Discusses a quilt project in which ninth-grade English-as-a-Second-Language students wrote, drew, and talked about what they knew, remembered, and felt on the topic "Where I Came From," creating an anthology and a quilt. Describes how students' speaking practice, iwritten language abilities, and self-confidence improved.

    Keywords: Language, Pedagogy, Research, Writing, Middle

  • The Family Tree: Nurturing Language Growth through "All the Parts of Me"

    Patricia Vreeland

    Abstract: Describes a month-long project in an eighth-grade English classroom in which students (from many countries, many of them immigrants) read an array of bicultural literature, and each researched, wrote, and compiled a many-faceted Family Tree notebook. Shows how students can achieve both their own cultural authenticity and English language competence without loss of personal voice.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Literature, Pedagogy, Writing, Middle

  • What Matters Most in My Science Class

    Kiran Dilip Purohit

    Abstract: Describes an eighth-grade science class in a school primarily of Chinese immigrant students of many languages and levels of education, where what matters most are learning English; developing community; and starting from the students' experiences, questions, and troubles. Argues that real learning happens as students feel accountable for asking good questions and for helping others to answer questions.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Literacy, Pedagogy, Middle

  • I Am the Immigrant in My Classroom

    Miles Gullingsrud

    Abstract: Discusses how a teacher of sixth- and seventh-grade primarily Mexican immigrants: (1) models being a second-language learner by working at Spanish; (2) provides an enjoyable school experience; (3) learns about students' culture and gives it respect; (4) seeks a detailed picture of where each English learner is academically; and (5) cultivates a corps of language brokers.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Pedagogy, Middle

  • From Kitchen to Classroom: Reflections of a Language Broker

    Jennifer Ng

    Abstract: Describes the author's experiences straddling a Chinese home culture and an American school culture throughout most of her life. Ponders how to, as a future teacher, support the experiences of individual students, be aware of cultural assumptions, and reward students for what they already know.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Literacy, Middle

  • Holding Memories, Shaping Dreams: Chinese Children's Writers' Notebooks

    Maureen Barbieri

    Abstract: Describes how the author used writers' notebooks with her students (grades 6-8), all Chinese immigrants, to find and express their memories and dreams, to find meaning in their experiences of change and loss; develop voice and a sense of audience; develop fluency in English; and find a growing sense of control over their new language and their new lives.

    Keywords: Language, Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Writing, Middle

  • Message from the Editors

    Linda Rief and Maureen Barbieri

    Abstract: This themed issue, "Second Language Learners," addresses the challenge of teaching a growing number students from multiple cultures who share only one thing: the fact that English is not their first language.

    Keywords: Middle

  • Clip & File

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Middle

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