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Voices from the Middle, Vol. 5, No. 1, February 1998

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Poetry

  • The Way In Is the Way Out: Poetry Writing in the Classroom

    C. Hood Frazier and Charlotee Wellen

    Abstract: Describes how two teachers approach poetry writing with at-risk high school students over a 12-week period, structuring activities to initiate poetry as language play, selecting model poems that are developmentally appropriate, and organizing writing assignments that encourage students to draw on their individual experiences. Discusses conducting a poetry workshop and evaluating students' poetry.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature, Pedagogy

  • The Getaway

    Linda Becker

    Abstract: In her poem, Linda Becker recalls a young boy's "getaway" to literature.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • O'Taste and See: Poetry with Eighth Graders

    Dagny D. Bloland

    Abstract: Describes how one eighth-grade teacher creates a safe, playful, literate environment for a four-week poetry unit which immerses students in the thoughtful, energetic, productive experience of poetry. Describes introducing poetry, setting up the unit, class activities, a wide range of requirements and assignments, and students' enthusiastic responses. Appends a 29-item list of poetry for eighth graders.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • A Student Teacher to Her Eighth-Grade Class: Late November

    Susanne M. Conklin

    Abstract: Conklin expresses her feelings about leaving her student teaching assignment through poetry.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • PSL-Poetry as a Second Language: Breaking the Silence

    Christopher S. Walsh

    Abstract: Describes how a teacher of English as-a-Second-Language began, at first tentatively, to use poetry to offer his recent Chinese immigrant students as a feasible outlet to express themselves freely in English. Describes how he started from scratch, using Chinese poems in translation. Discusses the rewards reaped in the classroom by students and teacher.

    Keywords: Middle, Language, Literature

  • The Teacher

    Lynne Hugo

    Abstract: For the teacher portrayed in poet Lynne Hugo's piece, the power of literacy to change lives is bleak at present, but hope remains for the future.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • Library Night

    Terry Martin

    Abstract: With this poem, Martin recalls her family's ritual of Tuesday night library trips.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • To Open Hearts

    Maureen Barbieri

    Abstract: Describes how poetry and teaching poetry is a way to pay attention to the world, to feel connected to other people--a conduit to each student's truest discoveries, offering solace and courage and wisdom and survival.

    Keywords: Middle, Literature

  • Message from the Editors

    Linda Rief and Maureen Barbieri

    Abstract: Last year’s issue on poetry received far more manuscripts than any other issue. In response, this issue continues on that theme – in which we find ourselves drawn to with increasing frequency. It is a part of life in classrooms and in life itself. The more we read it and write it, the more we examine its power, the more grateful we are for it.

    Keywords: Middle

  • Lupe's Voice

    Dixon Storm Woodburn and Guadalupe Moncada

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Middle

  • Clip and File Reviews - VM, February 1998

    Abstract: Available in print issue only.

    Keywords: Middle

  • Selected Resources

    Abstract: Available in print issue only.

    Keywords: Middle

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