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International Literacy

September 2010. The world is shrinking as globalization brings us closer to people around the world. We want to widen the focus of this call to include the following: What kinds of literacy projects are happening in countries around the world? What aspects of literacy are currently drawing attention in your country? What can we learn from your best literacy practices? How do literacy practices compare across different countries?
        We also invite articles from American teachers and researchers that address the following questions: What literacy projects have you and your students engaged in that involve other countries? How has current technology opened the door to international literacy practices? What projects have your students been involved in that support the literacy development of students in underdeveloped countries? Are you involved in other international literacy practices, projects, initiatives, and issues that would be of interest to VM  readers?  Deadline: September 1, 2009.

Talking about Talk

December 2010. As educators of young adolescents, we understand the importance of the social nature of literacy and the role of talk in the classroom. In recent years, our understanding of talk has deepened, and we have worked consciously to provide our students with opportunities to share their ideas with others. As students explore new ideas, participation in discussion enriches, deepens, and expands their understandings. What do students talk about in your classroom? What does talk look like and sound like? How does observing and reflecting on this talk inform your teaching? How do you facilitate rich and meaningful talk? How do you invite all students into the conversation? How does talk inform student learning in the classroom? Deadline: December 1, 2009.


Honoring Student Voices

 March 2011. In the most authentic and engaging classrooms, students feel a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the learning community to which they belong. In this issue, we are honoring the voices of young adolescents by inviting them to submit their stories about authentic and engaging literacy experiences. What makes literacy  meaningful and relevant to you? What positive middle level literacy classroom experiences have you had that you want to share with others? What advice do you have for teachers in the future to make literacy learning more valuable? Please talk to your students about these questions and help them brainstorm additional topics. Deadline: March 1, 2010.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

May 2011. NCTE and Voices have traveled together toward new understandings about young adolescents’ literacy and learning. As NCTE celebrates its 100th anniversary, we are taking our final steps as VM’s editorial team. We invite you to get on board and join us as we reminisce about where we have been and as we look to the future for new possibilities. In this final issue, we reflect on seminal literacy practices of yesterday and seek new and evolving ways of helping our diverse students become strong and independent learners. What are the seminal literacy practices advocated by NCTE that every teacher of young adolescents should embrace? In looking forward to the future, what new and evolving practices should we take along? Let’s get “on the road again” (Willie Nelson) and take one final journey together. Deadline: May 1, 2010.    

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