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Voices from the Middle offers articles on research and best practices in middle level reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the visual and language arts. Our mission is to be the cornerstone for the ongoing professional development of language arts educators. (Published September, December, March, and May)

Sara Kajder, University of Georgia

Shelbie Witte, Oklahoma State University


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Theme: Quality Teaching: 5 Years Later

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"As teachers become facilitators to this authentic learning, rather than sages who hold the key to knowledge, our students become more adept at tackling the real life obstacles they may face in the future."
—Frie, Sass-Henke, and Stanley, p. 36

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Theme: Research and Investigation

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Writing Matters

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Motivation for Learning and Life

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Deepening Student Interactions with Text

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Learning, Creating, and Sharing Information across the Disciplines

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Remixing the Roles of Teacher and Learner

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Narration, Persuasion, Argumentation: Teaching Writing with Purpose

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Teaching the Language of School and Academics

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Tolerance 2.0

December 2012:
Grouping in Middle School

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Background Knowledge and Vocabulary

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New Literacies

March 2012:
Preparing Our Students as Writers

December 2011:
The Faces of Intervention

September 2011:
Quality Teaching

May 2011:

Looking Back and Moving Forward

March 2011:
Honoring Student Voices

December 2010:
Talking about Talk

September 2010:
International Literacy

May 2010:

Young Adult Literature


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