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Talking Points, Vol. 18, No. 2, May 2007

Cover Art for Talking Points, Vol. 18, No. 2, April/May 2007

Table of Contents

  • Complete Issue

    Abstract: Read the full issue online.

  • From the Editors

    Bess Altwerger and Prisca Martens

    Abstract: Bess Altwerger and Prisca Martens introduce the articles in this, their final issue as editors.

  • Creating Social Spaces for Learning in a Whole Language Classroom

    Debra Goodman

    Abstract: Author Debra Goodman describes the first-/second-grade classroom of Susan Austin, who provides a rich literacy learning experience for her students that is based on whole-language principles. Goodman finds that, contrary to common belief, whole-language classrooms can be highly organized in a way that maximizes opportunities for learning.

  • Curriculum Makers: Children Use Their Critical Stories to Construct

    Dorothy Suskind

    Abstract: Dorothy Suskind uses the critical stories of one first-grade student to demonstrate the importance of constructing learning experiences that encourage children to make authentic connections between curriculum content and their daily lives. This type of environment encourages children to explore complex issues and, in so doing, to create their own curriculum.

  • Learning the Rules of the Road

    Stephen Mogge

    Abstract: Stephen Mogge describes the learning experiences of an adult English language learner from Brazil who, in her quest to obtain an Illinois driver’s license, learned much more than just the “rules of the road.” The syntax of the drivers’ manual proved challenging, but less so than the knowledge of the social context in which licenses are obtained. Mogge concludes that a discreet and decontextualized approach to language learning is inadequate for meeting ELLs’ needs.

  • Deconstructing Mr. Davis

    Nancy Rankie Shelton

    Abstract: Nancy Rankie Shelton examines how individual school principals are struggling to meet the demands placed on them by NCLB. NCLB’s emphasis on test scores—and punishment for those who don’t meet standards—caused an ethical dilemma for one principal, Mr. Davis, who felt forced to abandon his collaborative style of leadership, thus creating an increasingly negative environment at his school.

  • To the Point!

    Rick Meyer

    Abstract: Rick Meyer discusses a documentary about the May 2006 teachers’ strike in Oaxaca, Mexico, and suggests that we use this as an opportunity to ask ourselves what we are doing to take action against teacher oppression in our schools.

  • Talking Books

    Gerald Campano , James Damico, and Jerome C. Harste

    Abstract: The authors look at the persistence of stereotypes in children’s literature concerning people’s abilities and disabilities.

  • Talking TAWL

    David P. Schultz

    Abstract: Two new TAWL groups are introduced, and three other groups catch us up on their recent activities.

  • WLU on the Move!

    Michael R. Muise

    Abstract: News of the WLU elections, the upcoming Literacy for All Summer Institute, and information on joining WLU.

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