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Talking Points, Vol. 17, No. 1, October 2005

Cover Art for Talking Points, Vol. 17, No. 1, October/November 2005

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Special Issue on the Influence of Louise Rosenblatt on Whole Language Theory and Practice

  • Complete Issue

    Abstract: Read the full issue online.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • From the Editors

    Prisca Martens and Bess Altwerger

    Abstract: Editors Prisca Martens and Bess Altwerger introduce this special issue in honor of Louise Rosenblatt, pioneer of reading theory, who died in February 2005. The various articles all demonstrate how great an influence Rosenblatt had on teachers and students of literature.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Literature, Louise, and Me

    Barbara Cohen

    Abstract: The author relates her experiences with a book club in the 1970s and tells how Louise Rosenblatt’s theories helped her to see those experiences in a new light and use them to help her fourth graders interact with literature. Later, as a university professor working with preservice teachers, Cohen calls upon those experiences again.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Literature Study Groups: Support for Community Building in Democratic Classrooms

    Kathryn F. Whitmore

    Abstract: The author argues for the value of literature study groups as a way of building community in the classroom and presents four key principles that teachers must consider and accept as they implement a literature study program.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Reading from Efferent and Aesthetic Stances Makes Books Come Alive

    Jeanne Swafford and Amma Akrofi

    Abstract: The authors discuss Louise Rosenblatt’s concepts of efferent reading (reading for information) and aesthetic reading (reading for personal and experiential purposes) and her view that what makes a text literature is the experience that a reader has during reading. They show how these concepts can be applied to literature study in classrooms ranging from the elementary grades into graduate school.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Louise Rosenblatt: An Advocate for Nurturing Democratic Participation through Literary Transactions

    Angela S. Raines

    Abstract: Raines says that if we want to create thoughtful, critical thinkers in our classrooms, we should consider and implement a more aesthetic teaching stance, as defined by Louise Rosenblatt—a stance focused on the personal experience of reading. Such an approach helps students develop reading, thinking, and learning skills, leading them to be more active participants in a democratic society.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • To the Point!

    Rick Meyer, editor

    Abstract: Rick Meyer reflects on his professional interactions with Louise Rosenblatt and on how her work has influenced not only his teaching, but also his views as a social and political activist. Rosenblatt’s focus on a personal response to texts engenders conversations about difference that are the essence of a democratic society in which multiple perspectives are encouraged.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Talking Books

    Gerald Campano, James Damico, and Jerome C. Harste, editors

    Abstract: The editors look at the pedagogical value of Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street, which innovatively combines the genres of short story, autobiography, and prose poetry. They also supply a list of other recent multiple-genre YA books.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Talking TAWL

    David P. Schultz, editor

    Abstract: The Literacies for All Summer Institute held in San Diego this past summer offered TAWL members from groups across the country an opportunity to gather together at the annual TAWL luncheon to exchange news and make new professional contacts.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Featured TAWL Group: Mid-Missouri TAWL

    David P. Schultz, editor

    Abstract: In this photo essay, members of the Mid-Missouri TAWL—the very first TAWL group to form—offer highlights from their 24th annual conference, which featured Avi as a guest speaker.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • WLU on the Move!

    Abstract: This feature includes a message from the WLU president, Michael Muise; reports from various WLU committees; information on membership; and a call for program proposals for the 2006 Literacies for All Summer Institute.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

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