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Talking Points, Vol. 16, No. 1, October 2004

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Issue Theme: Writing the Word, Writing the World

  • Complete Issue

    Abstract: Read the full issue online.

    Keywords: Writing, Elementary

  • Talking Points Table of Contents

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Submission and Contact Information for Talking Points

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • From the Editors

    Bess Altwerger and Prisca Martens

    Abstract: New editors Bess Altwerger and Prisca Martens, both of Towson University, introduce themselves and present their editorial plans for the journal.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Dimensions of Writing the World: Looking at Critical Composing from Three Directions

    Randy Bomer

    Abstract: Randy Bomer, 2004-2005 president of NCTE, says that “If we want to live in a world that is fair, we have to make sure that the literacies we enact in our classrooms can contribute to a just world.” He considers writing to be a tool for helping people to examine their own thinking and that of the world around them, and discusses three ways of teaching students to write for social action, or, in other words, to “write the world.”

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Terrorism, Nationalism, and Dilemmas in Teacher Education

    Steve Bialostok

    Abstract: With examples from the language used to describe the events of September 11, 2001, and the wave of patriotism that followed, the author attempts to show his students—preservice teachers—that comprehension is never neutral and neither is any source of knowledge. Making meaning, he says, is an act of “writing the world,” and teaching is inherently political.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Teaching the Word and the World to Middle School Students

    Merna Ann Hecht

    Abstract: Award-winning poet and storyteller Merna Ann Hecht visits middle school classrooms on a regular basis as part of Seattle’s Writers in the Schools Program. One of her goals as a participant in this project is to use cross-disciplinary work to help students develop their critical thinking skills and creativity. Here she shares the results of a six-week inquiry into the broad theme of the journey that had her students writing poetry while learning about personal stories, about the Japanese internment camps in World War II, and about African American history.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Stories We Haven't Heard Yet: Imagining Critical Literacy in a Rural High School

    Susan Groenke

    Abstract: While negative stereotypes of African Americans, Latinos, women, and other groups have been strongly criticized for years, stereotypes of poor rural people—especially southerners from the Appalachian mountains—persist. The author discusses the importance for rural English teachers to help their students understand the differences that exist between stereotypical images and reality. The goal is for students to not only see beyond the stereotypes attributed to them, but also to question stereotypical assumptions made about other groups, in other words, to develop a critical literacy perspective.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • An Immigrant Perspective on the History of the English Language

    Salvador Gabaldn

    Abstract: teaching his high school students about the history of the English language, the author realized that he was unconsciously sending the message that immigrants to this country are “losers” if they don’t learn to speak English. After some reflection and class discussion, he and his students decided that knowing one language is good, but knowing two is better. Monolingual nations like the United States are rare in the world, and teachers who don’t address the history of the English language within the context of today’s sociopolitical climate do their students a disfavor.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • To the Point!

    Rick Meyer, editor

    Abstract: Rick Meyers brings readers up-to-date news and analyses on the political and policy fronts in this new column with the intention of encouraging teacher, parent, and student advocacy.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Talking Books

    Gerald Campano, Christine Leland, and Jerome C. Harste, editors

    Abstract: Edited by Gerald Campano, Christine Leland, and Jerome C. Harste, this column focuses on WLU’s commitment to literature-based instruction in the era of basal readers and decodable texts. The topic this time is the importance of text sets that speak to children’s lives and cultural identities.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Talking TAWL

    David P. Schultz and the North Fork of Long Island TAWL Group, editors

    Abstract: In each issue, this column will highlight one selected TAWL (Teachers Applying Whole Language) group by focusing on its history and background. This time, David P. Schulz and the North Fork of Long Island TAWL Group introduce themselves and discuss how the focus of the group has changed over the last decade.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • WLU on the Move!

    Abstract: President's Message Committee News Program Proposal Form for the 2005 Summer InstituteThis section contains news and information from the president and executive board of WLU, committee reports, and contact information. Would you like to submit a program proposal for the 2005 Literacies for All Summer Institute? The proposal form and necessary information are here.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Secondary

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