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Talking Points is published by WLU, the Whole Language Umbrella, a conference of NCTE. Talking Points helps promote literacy research and the use of whole language instruction in classrooms. It provides a forum for parents, classroom teachers, and researchers to reflect about literacy and learning. (Published semiannually, October and May.)

Editors: Edie Lanphar and Phil Fitzsimmons

San Roque School                                 University of Wollongong
Santa Barbara, CA                                 Wollongong, Australia


 October 2009 Talking Points


New Editors Announced

Note that Edie Lanphar and Phil Fitzsimmons will complete their term as editors with the May 2010 issue. The new editors, Carol Gilles and Jennifer Wilson, will begin their term with the October 2010 issue. They can be reached at

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These budding young artists and writers are learning about the power of pictures and the magic that happens when words and pictures work together to make their picture "come alive." This deepening of understanding about the relationship between words and pictures, and particularly about the power of strong verbs to make their picture appear to come to life, is part of the magic of artists/writers workshop.

Beth Olshansky, "Making Magic: Bringing Words and Pictures Together" (October 2008 Talking Points, p. 10-11)



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