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TETYC Guidelines for Writing Reviews of Books and Media

Teaching English in the Two-Year College (TETYC) welcomes reviews of new and recently released scholarly books, textbooks, DVDs, websites, and other media of interest to teachers of English in two-year colleges.

Reviewers should make themselves familiar with published reviews in past issues of TETYC (as well as other publications). When a reader is finished, she or he should have a good understanding of how the reviewed text connects to the work of English teachers in the first two years of college. A review often answers some or all of the questions listed below, though not necessarily in the order they are here presented. Please remember that these questions are meant as suggestions only—reviewers should use their best judgment. Reviews tend to be about 750 words.

  • What is the work and what is it about?
  • How is the work structured, and what are the key points?To whom would this text be most useful? Why?
  • What does this work “do” in the field of current scholarship and publications? For example, does it break new ground, add to existing knowledge, change our understanding of a concept or theory?
  • How does it achieve its purposes? That is, is the work original research, narrative, case studies, a combination, or other?
  • What are the strengths of the work for English faculty in two-year colleges? What are the weaknesses?

The TETYC review is intended to be a space that allows scholars and readers to take a very close look at an important idea/text within the field. The review provides a close analysis of the text, and it may put the text in conversation with ideas and/or other texts in the field. Done well, the review makes connections, adds to the ideas in the original text, and is generative, pushing the reader forward into new ways of thinking.

Submit reviews via the TETYC Editorial Manager site (choose "Book Review" from the list of article types).

Review Essays
From time to time, TETYC will publish review essays that feature multiple texts that speak to a key issue in the field. These essays will tend to be slightly longer than traditional reviews, but shorter than feature articles. If you have an idea for a review essay, we ask that you query the review editors at the addresses below. Please provide information about the texts you would review, the issue they speak to, and why you think that issue is important to TETYC readers.

Cross-Talk Reviews
Additionally, TETYC will occasionally publish special “Cross-Talk” reviews, mainly by invitation. These are of two types:

  • Cross-Talk I: Two reviews (750-1,000 words each), plus up to a 100-word response by author.
  • Cross-Talk II: Two 750-word reviews, two 250-word responses by reviewers, one 750-word response by author.

Questions? Contact book review editors Mark Blaauw-Hara at or Sheri Rysdam at

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