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Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Vol. 27, No. 1, September 1999

Cover Art for Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Vol. 27, No. 1, September 1999

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: 25th Anniversary 1974-1999

  • The Genesis and Early Development of TETYC: A Silver Anniversary Reminiscence

    W. Keats Sparrow

    Abstract: Discusses the development of "Teaching English in the Two-Year College," a journal designed to serve the special needs of community college English faculty. Discusses success and subsequent growth of the journal and considers the different subject matters addressed throughout the first five developmental years of the journal.

    Keywords: College

  • The Wild Audacity of Her Perfect Triumph

    John Patterson

    Abstract: Gives tribute to Bertie Carlyle Edwards Fearing (1943-1995), one of the three senior editors of "Teaching English in the Two-Year College." Characterizes Bertie as a person with "style," always focused on the task at hand, and recruiting staff members with Mensa-level intellects and showing them by her example how to work together harmoniously through the editing process.

    Keywords: College

  • TETYC and Me

    John C. Hutchens

    Abstract: Illustrates some of the changes and trends at "Teaching English in the Two-Year College" (TETYC) during the author's years on the masthead. Considers specific articles of his first and last issues (Fall 1978 - December 1987). Represents TETYC staff as individuals who do not give up on students, continually challenging them with new thinking, new perspectives, and new techniques.

    Keywords: College

  • The l990s: A Decade Forefronting Two-Year College English

    Nell Ann Pickett

    Abstract: Reflects on making "Teaching English in the Two-Year College" a viable journal. Discusses formation of the Two-Year College Organization, and its formal recognition by the Conference on College Composition and Communication in 1997.

    Keywords: College

  • Forest Park English Department Revisited

    Dick Friedrich and Angela Harris

    Abstract: Provides a retrospective update of a 1974 profile of the English Department at St. Louis's Forest Park Community College. Describes the campus, English department, internal governance, courses taught, professional activities, and departmental spirit in relationship to its 1974 profile.

    Keywords: College

  • The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

    Beverly Derden Fatherree

    Abstract: Provides a retrospective update of a 1974 profile of the English department at Hinds Community College, Raymond, Mississippi. Discusses the major changes for the school: (1) it is no longer a "junior college"; and (2) it has expanded its campus. Describes the faculty, activities, curriculum, extracurricular activities, school changes, and future plans in relationship to the 1974 profile.

    Keywords: Administration, Pedagogy, Education Policy, School-Community Relation, College

  • An Interview with Ira Shor-Part I

    Howard Tinberg

    Abstract: Presents an interview with Ira Shor, who reflects on the state of the community college since the 1960s, the open admissions experiment at the City University of New York, and the remediation wars that have recently heated up in New York and elsewhere.

    Keywords: Education Policy, School-Community Relation, College

  • Best Article of the Year Award Winners Reflect

    Abstract: Presents comments and reflections by winners of this journal's Best Article of the Year Award. Includes 15 winners and their discussions about their articles.

    Keywords: Research, College

  • Faculty on the Past and Future of Two-Year College English-Part I

    Abstract: Presents discussion on two-year college English by faculty from around the country. Gives a point of view from the Midwest and the Pacific Coast. Compiles different opinions from each region.

    Keywords: Education Policy, College

  • Letters from Retirement

    Robert W. Wylie

    Abstract: Presents a long-time two-year college teacher's reflections on retirement and the profession. Discusses ways in which to continue writing and working after retirement. Considers the politics of regional, local, and national English organizations in terms of what's best for the teachers and students. Sums up in seven assertions what he has learned in 47 years of teaching.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Education Policy, College, Professional Development

  • Quality and Equality: The Journey Ahead

    Bette Lynch Husted

    Abstract: Discusses how by accepting the metaphor of education as product and the corporate-bureaucratic definition of "quality," community colleges fail to help students transform their lives and may foster America's class system. Considers the humanities' definition and the corporate definition of quality. Exhibits concerns about the political structures of the educational systems.

    Keywords: Education Policy, College

  • Future Research in Two-Year College English

    Kip Strasma and Paul Resnick

    Abstract: Offers future researchers many opportunities for research in two-year college English. Considers input about issues, problems, and questions which the research community still needs to engage. Assumes that research clusters around several "fault lines" shared by other groups and institutions not directly tied to education; the fault lines selected are identity, technology, diversity, pedagogy, literacy, and methodology.

    Keywords: Research, College

  • WHAT WORKS FOR ME: Classroom Activities That Have Stood the Test of Time

    Abstract: Presents five activities: (1) transforming--requires that a student put aside a first draft and create a new piece on the same subject in a different genre; (2) meaningless words--encourages deleting unnecessary words; (3) group work; (4) definitions quiz; and (5) audience, synthesis, and the thematic analysis--considering these three when writing on a certain topic.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • EDITORIAL: A Shining Past

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

  • In Memoriam: William C. (Bill) Doster

    Audrey J. Roth

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

  • TETYC at Twenty-Five

    Ovid Vickers

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

  • Reflections on Teaching English in the Two-Year College

    Ruth Gwynn Shaw

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

  • REVIEWS: Books That Have Stood the Test of Time

    Eddye Gallagher; Dave Waddell; Kelly Peinado; Jossie A. Moore; Loretta F. Kasper

    Abstract: Reviews five books: Errors and Expectations: A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing, by Mina Shaughnessy; Telling Writing, by Ken Macrorie; Writing without Teachers, by Peter Elbow; Structured Reading, by Lynn Quitman Troyka and Joseph W. Thweatt; Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning, by Stephen D. Krashen.

    Keywords: College

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