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Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Vol. 26, No. 2, December 1998

Cover Art for Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Vol. 26, No. 2, December 1998

Table of Contents

  • "Daisies"

    Ellen A. Laird

    Abstract: Describes how three pen strokes made by an English teacher 30 years ago (on a high school composition paper penned by the author's husband) prompted the author, an English instructor, to examine her own teaching and grading.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, College, Professional Development

  • Personalizing the Grading Scale for Beginning Writers

    Ron Carter and Thomas A. Rockson, Jr.

    Abstract: Describes a grading system used in a college composition class that shifts the focus away from letter grades and toward continuous student progress. Describes how it is based on a personalized, flexible standard that challenges each student's particular skills as a writer, and encourages real improvement in student writing.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • Writing Outside the Box: Critical Action and the Composition Classroom

    Deidre M. Hughes

    Abstract: Describes an intermediate college writing class that uses Paulo Freire's essay "The Banking Concept of Education" as its philosophical foundation to encourage students and teachers to engage in critical thought, critical writing, and critical action. Describes several assignments that evolved from the essay, and its implications. Shows how students experienced writing as "critical action."

    Keywords: Literacy, Pedagogy, Research, Writing, College

  • Postmodern Cultural Studies and the Politics of Writing Instruction

    Bruce McComiskey

    Abstract: Presents brief guidelines for developing writing assignments based on the author's description (a politicized representation) of postmodern cultural studies. Discusses a composition assignment in which students critique the formal and the hidden curriculum of a class they have taken in the recent past, and in which they also become writing members of the institutions and communities they critique.

    Keywords: Diversity, Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • Making the Student, Making the Grade: Fostering Dialogue through Accountability

    Darin Payne

    Abstract: Describes a first-year college composition course and the daily preparatory writing assignments, "inquiry response papers," that form its core. Describes how these assignments, in which students respond to their homework reading, have led to a collaborative, dialogic classroom where students realize and express their own voices, and have fostered a more intrinsic motivation within students.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • Writing for the Ignorant Reader

    Susan G. LeJeune

    Abstract: Susan LeJeune, in "Writing for the Ignorant Reader", outlines a process for improving student writing. Class members playing the role of "the ignorant reader," ask the writer questions to which they don’t have an answer.

    Keywords: Literature, Pedagogy, Writing, Secondary, College

  • Putting Writing to Work

    Marjorie G. Keil

    Abstract: Describes a course in the first-year college composition sequence (with substantial research and argumentation components) that is organized around a career focus on social services practice. Describes how the students learn about connections between writing, thinking, problem solving, composition class, and their chosen profession.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • INSTRUCTIONAL NOTE · Using the Talk Show to "Talk Back" to O'Connor's "Good CountryPeople"

    Nicholas Schevera

    Abstract: Describes how a teacher of a college introductory-literature course used role-playing, a talk-show format, and reader-audience participation to help students make collaborative meaning for, and to promote students' active engagement with a Flannery O'Connor short story.

    Keywords: Diversity, Literature, Pedagogy, College

  • INSTRUCTIONAL NOTE· Using the Off-Campus Interview

    Glenn D. Klopfenstein

    Abstract: Describes how the author uses the off-campus interview of a working professional as a foundation unit upon which to launch a first-year college writing course. Discusses teaching strategies to prepare for this real interview, and notes that the working professionals interviewed can become the writing instructor's best ally in motivating first-year college students.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Writing, College

  • Double Vision: Faculty as Student

    Mary Ellen Byrne

    Abstract: Discusses the experience of the author (a college teacher) as a student in another teacher's Native-American literature course. Looks at the classroom from both sides of the desk, assessing the course, evaluating her own learning experience, and gaining new perspectives on today's two-year college students.

    Keywords: Literature, College, Professional Development

  • Seeking Quality on the Internet: A Case Study of Composition Students' Works Cited

    Mary Ann Gillette and Carol Videon

    Abstract: Examines Internet sources cited by students in research papers for a literature class. Finds that 42% cited Web sites were confirmed student papers; 88% were very short; and 75% did not connect when typed as shown in bibliographies. Offers guidelines for acceptable online research to help students locate good quality Web sites.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Research, Technology, College

  • WHAT WORKS FOR ME: World Wide Web Research Assignments

    Abstract: Offers four brief descriptions of research and class assignments that incorporate use of the World Wide Web, including resume writing and the Web; team research projects; "hunts" for local Web sites to introduce the World Wide Web; and using the Web to get updates or confirm accuracy.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Research, Technology, Writing, College, Media Studies / Journalism


    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

  • Palimpsest: The Book of Samuel

    Jeff Sommers

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College


    Judy L. Isaksen; Colleen Connolly; Peggy O'Neill

    Abstract: Reviews three books: Turns of Thought: Teaching Composition as Reflexive Inquiry, by Donna Qualley; Gypsy Academics and Mother?Teachers: Gender, Contingent Labor, and Writing Instruction, by Eileen E. Schell; Reflection in the Writing Classroom, by Kathleen Blake Yancey.

    Keywords: College

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