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Research in the Teaching of English, Vol. 35, No. 2, November 2000

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Table of Contents

  • EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Inferring Authors

    Michael W. Smith and Peter Smagorinsky

    Abstract: The editors discuss the concept voice and its implied author as it is defined in both Romantic and cultural perspectives. Differences in conceptions of teaching reading follow from these two traditions. According to he Romantic tradition, the reader should have a personal response to text, free from culture or any outside influence. By the cultural perspective, readers interpret texts through frameworks that are developed through engagement in cultural practice.

    Keywords: College

  • Evaluating the Impact of Collectivism and Individualism on Argumentative Writing by Chinese and North American College Students

    Su-Yueh Wu, Donald L. Rubin

    Abstract: Analyzes writing features conceptually linked to collectivist or individualist orientations among students from Taiwan and the United States. Notes that theses features were indirectness, personal disclosure, use of proverbs and other canonical expressions, collective self, and assertiveness. Makes comparisons across languages and nationalities and also across language alone.

    Keywords: Language, Pedagogy, Research, College

  • Cultivating Hybrid Texts in Multicultural Classrooms: Promise and Challenge

    Judith Solsken, Jerri Willett, Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan

    Abstract: Critical Pedagogy; Identity (Psychological) Explores the potential of hybridity for supporting critical pedagogies that seek to transform the knowledge, texts, and identities of the school curriculum. Draws on microanalyses of oral and written texts constructed by a Latina student perceived to be struggling academically. Shows the student interweaving home, school, and peer language practices to serve a variety of social and personal agendas.

    Keywords: Assessment, Diversity, Literacy, Research, Writing, Elementary, College

  • Pulling Your Hair Out: Crises of Standardization in Communal Writing Assessment

    Bob Broad

    Abstract: Explores how writing instructors at "City University" grappled with crises of standardization in evaluation of students' portfolios. Details the two most severe experiences in multiple breakdowns in the project of standardization: crises of textual representation and crises of evaluative subjectivity. Examines conflicting interpretations (psychometric and hermeneutic) of City University's crises.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Writing, College

  • Annotated Bibliography of Research in the Teaching of English

    Deborah Brown, Judith Kalman, Wayne Martino, Gert Rijlaarsdam, Anne D'Antonio Stinson, Melissa E. Whiting

    Abstract: Presents a semi-annual annotated selected bibliography of recent research in the teaching of English. Offers 45 annotated bibliographies addressing: bilingual/foreign language/second language education; classroom discourse; curriculum; exceptional learners; literacy; professional development; reading; and writing. Notes most entries were published between January and June 2000.

    Keywords: Assessment, Diversity, Language, Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Research, Technology, Writing, Reading, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College, Professional Development

  • In Memory of Roy C. O'Donnell

    Hugh Agee

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Research, College


    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Research, College

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