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Research in the Teaching of English, Vol. 34, No. 2, November 1999

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Table of Contents

  • EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Reading, Reduction, and Reciprocity

    Peter Smagorinsky and Michael W. Smith

    Abstract: In search of criteria that characterize the research most likely to have an impact in the field of literacy research, the editors include reduction and reciprocity. Writers and readers build a reciprocal relationship - one in which the writer and author are in tune with one another - when the writer considers the processes in which the reader is likely to engage to comprehend the text. Reduction is one such process. Arguments that include images, metaphors, or phrasings that help readers reduce the text become the most memorable and the most influential in the field.

    Keywords: Research, College

  • The Role of Genre in Preschoolers' Response to Picture Books

    Stephanie Shine, Nancy L. Roser

    Abstract: Studies five preschoolers' response to four genres of picture books: fantasy, realistic, poetic, and information. Finds (1) distinct patterns of response for each genre; and (2) personal associations to the characters, events, images, and topics seemed to form the basis for interpretation.

    Keywords: Literature, Pedagogy, Research, Reading, Elementary, College

  • The Expatriate Teacher as Postmodern Paladin

    Bill Johnston

    Abstract: Argues that the marginality of English as a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) expatriate teachers exemplifies the postmodern condition affecting society at the end of the millennium. Uses the image of the paladin and its juxtaposition with the conceptual framework of postmodernity to generate new ways of thinking about issues in ESL/EFL teaching.

    Keywords: Language, Research, College, Professional Development

  • The Nature and Outcomes of Students' Longitudinal Participatory Research on Literacy Motivations and Schooling

    Penny Oldfather, Sally Thomas, Lizz Eckert, Florencia Garcia, Nicki G

    Abstract: Describes outcomes of a six-year study of students' participatory research on literacy motivations and schooling. Suggests the need for a fundamental shift of the dominant epistemology in society and schools to one based on trusting, listening to, and respecting the integrity of the minds of all participants in schooling.

    Keywords: Literacy, Pedagogy, Research, Secondary, College, Professional Development

  • Annotated Bibliography of Research in the Teaching of English

    Deborah Brown, Wayne Martino, Gert Rijlaarsdam, Anne D'Antonio Stinson, Melissa E. Whiting

    Abstract: Presents a selected, annotated bibliography of recent research in the teaching of English, with most studies appearing in the period between January and June, 1999. Includes sections on assessment; family and workplace literacy; literature; media, society, and literacy; moral education; professional development; reading; research methodology; technology and literacy; and writing.

    Keywords: Assessment, Diversity, Language, Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Research, Technology, Writing, Reading, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College, Professional Development


    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Research, College

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