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Primary Voices, Vol. 9, No. 3, January 2001

Cover Art for Primary Voices, Vol. 9, No. 3, January 2001

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Coping with Mandated Programs

  • Message from the Editors

    Katie Wood Ray and Lester L. Laminack

    Abstract: the themed issue, "Coping with Mandated Programs." Beyond coping, the editors challenge the reader to take a stand in a place where others feel they have the right to tell teachers how to practice their profession.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Mandates, Expectations, and Change

    Marsha Riddle Buly and Roxann R. Rose

    Abstract: *Mandated Curriculum; Mandatory Programs Introduces a special issue of this journal on the theme of mandated programs and curriculum. Outlines the increase in imposed instructional practices, particularly for literacy instruction. Discusses the change process and differing processes to it. Argues that teachers who have a clear sense of purpose, one in which students come first, have a greater capacity to endure challenges and confusion.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Overcoming the Challenge of Mandated Instructional Time

    Joan E. Johnston

    Abstract: Describes how the author, a third-grade teacher, deals with the challenges of teaching within a school-based reform package. Describes how she finds ways of satisfying the required number of minutes of reading, math, and science instruction without sacrificing what she knows about what works for her students and their learning. Discusses pros and cons of this curriculum.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Coping with Change: Educational Reform in Literacy Practice

    Priscilla A. Eide

    Abstract: Shares the author's experience as a third-grade teacher coping for two years with the changes in her classroom brought about by the schoolwide implementation of a comprehensive reading program called Success For All (SFA). Describes how she tries to incorporate what she believes to be effective without compromising the program's implementation. Shares coping strategies, internal conflicts, and hopes.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy

  • Change Is a Constant

    Denise Rathjen

    Abstract: Describes the author's experiences in her team-taught multiage classroom (grades 4, 5, and 6) coping with the school district's implementation of a basal reader series. Discusses self-imposed changes versus mandated changes, and how she struggles to weave district mandates with her teaching beliefs and practices.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Coping with a Process-Oriented Mandate

    Pam Pottle

    Abstract: Describes the challenges that the author (a first-grade teacher) has faced in coping with a schoolwide long-term professional development model (The Learning Network). Describes her challenges and coping strategies while using the reflective process as a framework to implement two mandated practices: action plans and regular instructional dialogue with a coordinator.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Coping with Constraints: Reflecting on Responsibilities

    Nancy J. Johnson

    Abstract: Discusses common threads found in the four articles written by teachers in this themed journal issue on coping with mandated curriculum. Discusses the teachers' commitment to professional responsibility expressed as their responsibility to: learn about learning, demonstrate how learning works, make the best teaching decisions possible, remain focused on the children, and never grow content but keep asking questions.

    Keywords: Elementary

* Journal articles are provided in PDF format and can be opened using the free Adobe® Reader® program or a comparable viewer. Click here to download and install the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

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