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Primary Voices, Vol. 9, No. 1, August 2000

Cover Art for Primary Voices, Vol. 9, No. 1, August 2000

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Literature Circles: Growing Our Reading Lives

  • Message from the Editors

    Katie Wood Ray and Lester L. Laminack

    Abstract: Introduces the themed issue, " Literature Circles: Growing Our Reading Lives." The articles in this issue answer the question, "How do we make our teaching of reading best match what we know from personal experience makes a good reading life?

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Good Books, Good Talk, Good Readers

    Janice Holt and Barbara Halliwill Bell

    Abstract: Highlights an elementary school where teachers help children build good reading lives by teaching reading through literature circles. Discusses five essential strands of thinking that guide the teaching of reading through literature study: building community, reading literature, having choices in reading, participating in open and lively conversations, and assessing progress.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary

  • Getting Started: Using Literature Circles in the Classroom

    Lori Gilbert

    Abstract: Explains the author's organized yet reflective approach to getting her fifth-grade students to read in literature circles. Discusses her slow and thorough process of building a community, and teaching students to respond to literature. Discusses resources for literature circles, and describes the first literature circle in her classroom (after extensive preparation). Discusses the teacher's role and assessment of literature circles.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary

  • Living and Learning: A Four-Year Journey into Literature Circles

    Kathleen Burda

    Abstract: Describes the author's growing understanding of how literature circles work and the potential they hold. Highlights important shifts in her approach to literature circles from beginning as an intern in her first year, to bringing about transformation and understanding in her second, moving beyond concerns about management in her third year, and encouraging student reflection in the fourth year.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

  • Reflections from an Inclusion Teacher

    Terri Hollifield

    Abstract: Describes and reflects on inclusion practices that allow special education students to be part of classroom literature circles. Describes how the author works with regular classroom teachers to support the special education students in the regular class. Describes how assessment and evaluation in this natural context can lead to individualized instruction.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

  • Talking about Books Right from the Start: Literature Study in First, Second, and Third Grade

    Joyce Dyer, Angie Lovedahl, and Tina Conley

    Abstract: Describes how the authors establish the groundwork and the practice of literature circles in their primary classrooms. Describes how they redefine reading to allow all students to think of themselves as readers from the start. Describes the crucial role of talking and listening. Describes what shape literature circles take. Notes that this kind of teaching is complex and powerful.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

  • Final Reflections: How Fairview Became a School Where Literature Circles Could Thrive

    Thurza McNair and Sue Nations

    Abstract: Describes the role of the principal and assistant principal at Fairview Elementary School in creating a professional learning community. Notes parallels between the evolving cultures in the classrooms where literature circles are occurring and in the entire school becoming a learning community. Discusses the importance of literature, talk, choice, and personal responsibility in creating this school-wide climate.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

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